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A Lesson in Grace for My Boy

It’s about 2 p.m. on Tuesday…just a normal, nothing-special Tuesday afternoon. My wife has an appointment, so she takes our two daughters with her and leaves our 4-year-old little boy Zach. As I go into his bedroom to check on him he has his thumb in his mouth, which he knows is wrong and has been trying to stop sucking. He sees me round the corner and like a deer in the headlights doesn’t know what to do. Should I take it out and maybe Daddy didn’t see me or should I just fess up are thoughts I gathered that are probably going through his little mind.

Now we’ve been working on this for a while and he knows that he is definitely not supposed to be doing this and he knows we discipline for disobedience, dishonesty and disrespect, so he assumes that he is going to be punished. But I don’t punish him this time.

Instead of dolling out some punishment for breaking the rules of the house, I simply bent down and told him how hard I know it is to stop sucking his thumb Det er ikke lykkedes os at finde eksempler pa succesfuld snyd pa online spillemaskiner maskiner, men erfaringer fra landbaserede kasinoer har mange besynderlige eksempler pa, hvordan en handfuld legender med midlertidig succes har snydt spillemaskiner maskiner. and that I will give him mercy this time. I then go and ask him if it is Polisen har gjort flera tillslag av spelautomater i Jonkoping, men inget arende har lett till en fallande dom. time for his nap. Now looking at our children we can tell if they have had a nap or not so I am utterly surprised when he says he has already taken online casino one. Of course I yell to my wife as depositcash she is putting our youngest into the car and ask if he has already taken a nap…she says no.

Oh no, we are now at strike two…dishonesty. Zach has not atoledo been feeling well for the last few days but nevertheless I have every right, by the rules of our home, to come in and deal with him harshly, and he knows it. Instead as I round the corner again and Kanner du dig redo att satta tanderna i ett casino spel rekommenderar vi en titt i var topplista for Craps dar vi listar de basta stallena att spela Craps online pa. look into his online casinos little teary eyes I Kies vervolgens “Speel in Fun-Mode” of “Play 4 Fun” en je kunt direct op deze gokkasten gratis spelen . give him mercy and grace. I pick him up and put him in my bed on my pillows, put my blanket on him, kiss him on his forehead and even turn one of his favorite videos on. In doing so he starts crying but not your normal cry, this one is very different. He is crying because he is truly sorry, from the bottom of his beautiful little heart. He knows that he deserved punishment and judgment because of what he did but instead I showed him grace and mercy.

I just went into check on him again and I found him quickly asleep, without the fear of what will happen to him or what punishment will come his way. I am not saying this to say there isn’t the proper place for discipline in the home but to illustrate that giving our children grace and mercy can be a learning tool for how our Father treats us. Just like when that prodigal son came back to his father, the gentleness and mercy that the father showed him in light of all the wrong the son had done speaks to a deep place in everyone’s heart. Thank you Lord for these little illustrations that I will forever carry in my heart.


David Geisler

About the Author

Dave Geisler is a son, husband, father and pastor/teacher. He has been married to Jackie for twelve years and they have 3 children. Dave is the teaching pastor at A Grace Place Church in Bradenton, Florida. Along with co-shepherding the beloved ones at AGP church, Dave also travels and speaks at conferences and other congregations and has an online ministry through Facebook, blogs, and online videos. You can find more information at www.agpchurch.com.