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Adam and Eve’s Redo

We all know the tragic story of Adam and Eve ends with a curse after the serpent convinces Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. But what if things had been different? What if Adam had pled Eve’s case and offered his own life as payment for her penalty? Of course, that didn’t happen, but it makes me wonder if Adam’s missed opportunity might help explain the shame lying deep in the masculine soul.

Countless books on masculinity indicate men are struggling to be all God intends them to be. But just as Adam left us a legacy of failure, Jesus Christ can heal our masculine shame. In Christ, men can find their true identity. And in Christ we all can find salvation and redemption and recover the victory lost in failures of the past.

Preston Gillham

About the Author

As a co-founder, Preston Gillham led Lifetime for 30 years. Preston is a writer, speaker, and leadership guide. He has authored numerous articles and several books including No Mercy and Battle for the Round Tower. He blogs on “Life and Leadership”. More about Preston, his writings, speaking, and his consulting practice can be located at PrestonGillham.com.