Anabel Gillham 1928-2010

Anabel Gillham
Anabel Teaching
Bill and Anabel's Wedding
Bill and Anabel
Bill and Anabel
Bill and Anabel
Bill and Anabel's Wedding


From the chains that bound her
To tread streets we've yet to trod.
She's running, laughing, walking,
Touching, seeing, talking,
She's holding hands with God!
Excerpted from Anabel's devotional Released.

Remembering Anabel

Dear Friends & Family,

Oh, how Anabel sums up the relationship our Lord wants with each of us here on Earth—as well as in Heaven with Him. We thought beginning this letter with a wonderful segment from Anabel from one of her many devotionals would give true testimony of a deep walk with her Savior. And, since we think of you as part of our family, we are sitting down with you to discuss some difficult news.

Our beloved founder and mentor Anabel Gillham died yesterday, November 7, 2010. A few months ago, Anabel suffered a fall, breaking her arm and bruising herself up quite a bit. Her arm was mending nicely, when another serious fall in the kitchen caused a return to the hospital and consequent rehabilitation for a broken hip, a broken elbow, and cracks in her pelvis. While at the rehab center, she experienced chest pains and was again admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of a mild heart attack. An ensuing infection combined with a host of other health issues simply caused her earthsuit to expire—leading her right into the arms of her precious Savior.

When families experience loss, they lean on each other. Crying and hugging and even laughing, their common emotions and shared memories bond them together.

Through her writings and recordings at Lifetime Guarantee, Anabel let us look at the innerworkings of her faith, her marriage, and her heart. She discussed her struggles as openly as her victories, and we learned from her. She taught us how to walk intimately with Father, how to make our marriages thrive, how to listen to our mind over our emotions, how to conquer depression, and how to be confident in our identity in Christ.

Anabel's teachings are timeless. Whether you're 15 or 50, the advice she shares is relevant and practical. She never strayed from talking about the heart and soul of what Christianity is all about. She didn't venture into sideline issues. Every article, devotional, audio series she produced circled us right back into the core, biblical message of the Gospel.

Everyone who met Anabel loved her. Her beauty, kindness, thoughtfulness, and honesty attracted us to her, yet it was her love and grace that kept us coming back. The Spirit of Christ daily expressed Himself all throughout her personality. And that's contagious.

To her husband Bill, to her sons Preston, Will, and Wade, and to their families: Thank you for sharing Anabel with us and for allowing her to tell stories about you. We didn't know her like you knew her, nor love her like you loved her. But, we still loved her, we still felt like we knew her, and today, we share a portion of your grief.

And we share your hope.

While we miss her greatly, we believe that she is with her Father today, talking with Jesus, and talking with Mason. We believe that one day we too will be with her again. Our bodies will no longer be falling apart, and we'll be able to dance backwards in high heels like Ginger Roger with Fred Astaire.

On behalf of the staff of Lifetime Guarantee, we love you and thank you for continuing this journey with us. We are committed to furthering the message and mission that Anabel so eloquently and passionately spoke and wrote about.

Andy Knight

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Thoughts from Preston
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“How I thank my wonderful Partner for not giving up on me. No. He spends hours with me, teaching me the art of 'dancing backwards.' And how I love it when He and I glide over the polished floor together. I have such fun! And others who are watching envy me and wish they could dance like I do. Little do they know that I'm merely following my Leader. I'm dancing backwards.”
- Anabel