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2015 Partnership with Grace Ministries International

Dear Lifetime Friends,

Lifetime Ministries is proud to announce a new partnership with Grace Ministries International (GMI). Both ministries have been sharing the message of God’s grace and life in Christ for over thirty-three years. Lifetime Ministries and GMI have fellowshipped together in both ministry and friendship over those years. This started back when Bill and Annabel served in ministry out of Springfield, Missouri and continued when they moved to the great state of Texas.

I had personally known Bill and Anabel for 28 years till their passing and have been friends with Preston Gillham for almost as many years as well. In fact, we have been friends to the point that Pres trusted me to take him on a caving trip into the depths of the mountains of North Georgia (Read his book “No Mercy” on page 123). It has been a rich history of fellowship and sharing the message of our freedom in knowing Christ as life.

Lifetime Ministries and GMI are embarking on a closer partnership. Lifetime Ministries has been teaching the essentials of the Christian Life since 1976. Beginning as a counseling ministry, Lifetime now ministers primarily through our website offering books, audio resources, video resources, articles, and devotionals by Bill, Anabel and Preston. GMI has a strong heritage of discipling others, equipping them so that they can equip others. GMI has established offices or trained people for offices in the United States and around the world. They have also helped to establish ministries on four of the seven continents and trained people on six of the seven continents.

Lifetime Ministries exists to communicate the timeless treasures of God’s grace with personal transparency, simplicity, and practicality. Grace Ministries International exists to equip the body of Christ to experience and communicate the indwelling, empowering presence of Christ as life.

We believe that uniting these strengths together in a partnership will enhance both ministries’ ability to accomplish their missions. They will both maintain their individual autonomy while working together to enhance each other. If you are looking for great materials to personally grow or lead others into the Grace Message, visit us at Lifetime.org. If you are looking for personal discipleship and training, or wanting to host a conference or training at your church or location, visit Grace Ministries website at Gmint.org.

As a friend of Lifetime Ministries, we would like to invite you to visit GMI’s website and get to know our new partners. Check out their conferences, their training, their counseling, and small group studies. Together we make a great team.

If you have been a longtime friend of Lifetime Ministries, we appreciate and thank you for your faithful support of the ministry. Your continued prayer support and donations mean a lot to us. Your investment changes lives and it is an investment that has eternal returns. If you have not donated in a while, we invite you to once again partner with Lifetime as we reach hungry and hurting hearts.

We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have about our new partnership. Please feel free to call, write or email Lifetime Ministries at:

Email us:Lifetime@lifetime.org.
Please send contributions and general correspondence to:
Lifetime Ministries
131 Village Pkwy. NE Bldg. 4
Marietta, GA 30067
Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30-5:00 ET.

Scott Brittin
Executive Director – Lifetime Ministries

New Cover Design for Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee New Cover

Our most popular book by Bill Gillham that started this ministry now has a new cover design.

Whether your struggle is with people, sinful habits, or self-esteem, Lifetime Guarantee promises a practical, step-by-step approach to appropriate the solution God has placed within the new spirit of every Christian.

Order Lifetime Guarantee


Meet Roxane Day

In January we mentioned our goals for 2012. One of those goals was to find a writer or editor who was familiar with Lifetime and was interested in working with us to create new resources from Bill and Anabel’s various notes and writings. We’re excited to introduce you to Roxane Day who will be working on the project. Please pray for divine creativity and inspiration as Roxane spends time looking through all of the materials from the Gillhams. Our desire is to create fresh content to reach more people with the message of Christ as life. Here’s an excerpt from Roxane’s letter of introduction to the Lifetime team.

Walking up to the little red brick church, I was fidgeting. Am I dressed too casually? Am I overdressed? I don’t know these people, never been to this church before. Where am I supposed to go? I caught a glimpse of an older man in khaki pants and a plaid shirt, wearing tennis shoes. And a funny-looking hat, like the kind that Gilligan wore in Gilligan’s Island—some kind of fishing hat.

Surely, he knows where I am supposed to go to hear Bill and Anabel Gillham. I walked up to him and he handed me a program. I saw that it had their names on it, so I was relieved to know I was in the right place. When I looked up, he was smiling and said, “You having a good day so far hon?” How nice to hear a friendly voice! I immediately felt at ease. After a little more small talk, I went in to find a seat.

Later, when Anabel got up to speak, she acknowledged her husband Bill. “Oh, you may have already met him. He’s in the back handing out programs.” When I turned around, my mouth dropped open. That was Bill Gillham I was talking to earlier! PhD and all—in tennis shoes and a fishing hat at a speaking engagement!

I fell in love with Bill, Anabel, and Lifetime Ministries that day. Their unpretentious manner, their obvious love for our Lord, their willingness to be transparent about their struggles disarmed me and made me willing to share my own struggles. With Bill and Anabel, I felt at home.

Over the last 20 years, I have given away several copies of Lifetime Guarantee and continue to read Anabel’s devotionals in my email almost every weekday. I am thrilled and honored to work on any project to make more of their writings available to others.

New Mobile Website

Our website is now smart phone friendly! In order to serve you better we’ve created a mobile version of our site. This is just another way we hope we can help you experience grace for life. To see the mobile version of our site, visit Lifetime.org from your small screen device.

Merry Christmas… And Our Vision for the New Year

The Lifetime team sends its heartfelt thanks and Christmas greetings to you! Your support over the year has been a great encouragement. It’s hard to believe that 2011 is almost complete and 2012 is on its heels.

This has been a year of transition for Lifetime. Our focus has been to build a new infrastructure that is financially sound and sustainable. This has meant a good bit of work on the behind-the-scenes aspects of ministry that will in turn free up resources for us to use toward the more public aspects of ministry in 2012. Here is a summary of the organizational changes we undertook in 2011.

  • Developed and launched a new website (reduced our annual website maintenance expense by $15,000)
  • Hired an outside company to handle our bookkeeping (an annual savings of $6,000)
  • Converted our monthly newsletter to an electronic version (monthly savings of $4,500)
  • Moved our products to a fulfillment service warehouse and streamlined the distribution process for our online sales (significant saving in 2012)
  • Renegotiated contracts or changed vendors to ensure the best pricing.
  • Revised our pay structure to accurately reflect our part-time employees’ scope of responsibilities (significant savings in 2012)
  • Invested in online advertising in order to increase our online users (our Facebook audience has grown by 4,000 users since January)

The vision that God has given to the Lifetime board and staff is to continue to proclaim the gospel message with a unique focus on the truths that Bill and Anabel shared. Our desire is to reach all generations with the life-changing message of “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Although Bill and Anabel’s earthly ministry has ended, we know that the truth they shared will continue to impact generations to come. We plan to continue to highlight and promote the products they developed while offering messages from others who desire to see people walk in the freedom that Christ offers.

So what is our vision for 2012? During our recent move to Atlanta, we discovered many writings and partial messages in the archives that can be published. In 2012, we hope to find someone to come alongside us and prepare this material for publishing. In addition to publishing new materials, we desire to repackage and repurpose the Gillham’s original materials in formats that best fit our web platform. Podcasts, video messages, blogs and the like can be developed from our existing material and packaged in a way to reach a broader audience.

Another area of focus for 2012 is to continue to develop a Spanish translation of the Gillham’s materials. A handful of individuals have approached us offering their assistance with this project, and we have made great strides on Lifetime Guarantee and The Confident Woman. Please pray with us for the successful completion and publication of these Spanish translation projects in 2012.

We are excited about the vision God has given us for Lifetime Ministries, and we know he will faithfully bring it to completion. This being said, we need financial partners in this important work. Throughout 2011 we have continued to see a significant decline in our contributions. In December, launched a contribution campaign to our daily devotion recipients and our Facebook followers encouraging new connections to partner with us. Although the bulk of our ministry happens over the web, there are still costs involved in running the core aspects of the operation.

Thank you again for your love, prayer, and support throughout the year. Our heart is to reach as many people as possible through the channels that God has provided to us. We are unable to do what God has called us to do without your involvement. Please prayerfully consider making a year-end contribution.

Carrying on the Gillham Legacy

Lifetime’s ministry team now owns the task of carrying on the legacy of Bill and Anabel. Their legacy shared in the legacy of Christ himself–preach the good news of God’s grace. What a humbling assignment for us to continue!

The term legacy denotes a willful gift of property, especially personal property. This may be literal or figurative property. It’s a handing down, a passing on to the next generation. The legacy-keepers serve as ambassadors of the past generations. The word’s origin is from the Medieval Latin term legatia meaning “commission” and “body of persons sent on a mission.”

Legacy comes with great responsibility and an incredibly powerful charge. Lifetime continues on with the ‘ministry property’ of Bill and Anabel. We have been commissioned–sent on a mission–to continue what Bill and Anabel started so many years ago. Lifetime has been given the gift of continuing to bless people by teaching them who they really are in Christ. We’ve been commissioned to continue plainly sharing the unadulterated grace of God. This task, in and of itself, is a gift.

Please know, as a partner of Lifetime Ministries, that the Lifetime team is committed to continuing on in the spirit of Bill and Anabel and empowered by God’s Spirit. As you can see by our new website, we are carrying on with great creativity and passion. Thank you for continuing on with us.

You will continue to see devotionals and articles by Bill and Anabel on the website. Also, all of Bill and Anabel’s resources will continue to be available for purchase through our website. Additionally, we are currently mining their archives to find treasures that haven’t ever been made available.

We would love to hear from you regarding our new look on the Internet. Please feel free to give us feedback and make suggestions as we carry on sharing the love of God.


Join us as we share encouragement, hope, and life with others

As I sat out on the deck this morning preparing for the day ahead, I asked the Lord what he wanted me to share with you in this letter. At Lifetime it feels as though we too are facing a new day. God has faithfully provided a fresh vision to our board and staff, and we are excited to see what the future holds.

If you have followed Lifetime for any length of time, you know that we rarely if ever talk about our need for financial support. I believe God is leading me to share our financial needs and ask you to seek his heart about how you might become involved with Lifetime.

Since 2008 we have seen a steady decline in contributions. We have responded by making significant changes to our operating costs including moving out of a leased office and into a virtual home office, realigning staff pay to accurately match their responsibilities, and redesigning our website to eliminate ongoing maintenance fees. In 2011 alone we will remove another $30,000 from our annual operating budget. Stewardship is one of our organizational values, and we believe these spending adjustments align with that value. We continue to pray for wisdom to discern what other opportunities exist to ensure we operate with integrity and great stewardship.

This is where you come into the picture. We believe it is God’s desire to see Lifetime remain a viable ministry. Lifetime is currently supported by a fairly small group of people who feel led to partner with us. They believe that through the ministry of Lifetime, individuals experience freedom as they embrace the grace of God and are changed as they understand their identity in Christ. We are asking for your support, and we are asking in the spirit of, “Lord, what would you have me do?” We do not want to play upon your emotions or even attempt to convince you of the reasons to give. We ask that you spend time with God asking him to show you how to partner with Lifetime. As his child, we know that you hear and understand his voice. We trust him to reveal his will to you and empower you to respond to what he says. Thank you in advance for responding to his lead.

Our Legacy and Vision for the Future

It’s likely that when Bill and Anabel started Lifetime Guarantee Ministries they had no idea of the countless lives that would be impacted. Their ability to communicate with passion, transparency, and relevance caused people to thirst for intimate relationship with Christ. With the Gillhams transitioning out of daily ministry activity, the Lifetime Guarantee board has been carefully considering how to honor their legacy and most importantly ensure that their impact continues. Over the last several months, as a board we have reviewed our mission and vision for the future. We affirmed that our mission is to communicate the timeless treasures of God’s grace with transparency, simplicity, and practicality. Our vision is to provide resources that are readily accessible, culturally relevant, and easily applicable.

As we thought through how to bring the vision for Lifetime Guarantee to life, we considered every aspect of our ministry including our ministry name, our team, and our primary delivery method – the website. Recently, we have shared in this letter how we are moving forward, and we have more exciting changes to share with you today.

Our Name

Moving forward we will refer to ourselves as Lifetime or Lifetime Ministries. This new name honors our past and provides clarity for our future. It reflects our desire to reach people at every phase of their ‘lifetime’ with the reality of God’s grace. Our desire is to see this message taught around the world to people of all ages. The name Lifetime Ministries captures that vision while maintaining connection with our history.

Our Team

Last fall we started connecting with other authors, teachers, and speakers who share Lifetime’s core beliefs, namely around God’s grace and our identity in Christ. We intend to creatively collaborate with them in order to offer additional meaningful resources through our Lifetime ministry platform. You will be hearing more from these individuals in a new ‘Feature Article’ section on our website as well as in the Encouragement Letter. Personally, I will move from an executive director role to a hybrid technical and creative director. I will share writing responsibilities with Artie Sposaro and others, as mentioned above.

Our Website

We believe God has called us to offer resources in culturally relevant formats to a multi-generational audience. We believe the Internet provides us the best opportunity to achieve this goal. Lifetime’s web presence will be our primary ministry platform. Therefore, we feel it’s imperative that our Internet presence remains relevant, fresh, and easily functional. In order to accomplish this, we will launch a redesigned website in late May. The site is being redesigned to make a broad spectrum of visitors feel a sense of warmth, welcome, and encouragement. Additionally, the new site’s streamlined design will enable users to easily access our resources.

Just as Bill and Anabel’s resources have been available over the years in a variety of formats including videotape, audio CDs, and printed form, we want to continue to offer resources through channels that are relevant in today’s culture. For example, last year we began converting Bill and Anabel’s most popular books to an electronic format so they can be read on electronic reading devices like the Kindle and iPad. Also, you will begin seeing Lifetime offer content through online videos, which have become an important means of communication. They can reach millions around the world without the speaker ever having to leave his home. Through this means of communication we can multiply our reach with minimal investment.

We are encouraged by God’s faithfulness toward us through you and believe that our future is just as secure as our foundation. We are honored to carry Bill and Anabel’s legacy forward and excited to see how God moves in the lives of those touched by Lifetime Ministries. Thank you for your partnership with Lifetime.

Meet Artie Sposaro

As we mentioned a couple months ago, we are actively pursuing what we discern is God’s heart for the future of Lifetime. It’s our desire that Lifetime continue to be a source of grace for the journey – your journey with Christ over a lifetime.

Artie Sposaro

We’re excited to introduce Artie Sposaro, the newest member of the ministry team. Artie has been communicating God’s grace in various contexts over the last fifteen years. His passion is similar to Bill and Anabel’s in that he desires to communicate God’s grace in a way that makes it easily applicable in everyday life.

You can expect to hear more from Artie soon. Please welcome Artie. You can read his bio on our site or connect with him on Facebook.

In addition to building the ministry team, we are also in the process of redesigning our website to more effectively minister to all generations. Stay tuned for more information and new features that will soon be available online.

Lifetime Guarantee Devotionals on Your Smart Phone

We are excited to be partnering with YouVersion, the free “Bible” App for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows smart phones. The Bible App has been installed on over 12 million mobile devices and growing amazingly fast. Many of you already have it on your phone. We have an exciting announcement about this: Anabel’s Lifetime Daily devotional will be featured in the Plans section of the Bible app. You can download the free app at lifetime.org/bible.

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