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Do You Feel Secure Today?

Here’s a typical day for many of us. After getting up, we disarm our home alarm system, unlock the back door, reset the house alarm, walk outside, relock the house door, unlock the car door, drive to work, wave to the security guard, park, get out of our car, listen for the bleep-bleep-bleep of our car locking, insert our security card to get inside the office, settle in at our desk, and login to our computer with our network security password. At the end of the day, we’ll repeat all these steps in reverse order.

With the anniversary of September 11th, security is on many of our minds. Do you feel secure today? Well, if you are a Christ follower, then it doesn’t matter how you feel. You’re secure in his love, secure in his favor, and secure in his arms. He never promises to keep physical danger from touching you, but He can keep your spirit secure. Spiritual security is much deeper and sturdier than physical security because it cannot be stolen from us. God’s affection will never waver. We have a lifetime guarantee on that. So be at peace today, my friend.

Andy Knight

About the Author

Andy is the user interface designer for YouVersion, the Bible App. He has a passion for sharing God's story of grace and freedom through the internet. Andy lives in Roswell, GA, with his wife and three sons. You can follow him on Twitter at @andyknight.