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From Sinderella To Surrenderella – Part 1

I want to share a simple fairy tale with you, which for believers is no fairy tale at all. It is our REALITY! I want to re-cap the simplicity of the message of who we were, who we are, and what our Beloved Lord is longing for in our lives.

You recall the story of Cinderella: her parents died and she was left living with her stepmother and stepsisters who despised her. You recall how they treated her with contempt, and she became their housekeeper, cook, caretaker and whatever they wanted her to become. They were always making her feel worthless and that no one would ever love or care for her, that she would always be just a “nobody.” Remember how Cinderella felt alone, fearful, worried, and guarded, because she did not have anyone who loved or accepted her. Cinderella longed for ‘love and acceptance.’ Do you recall one day when she met her Fairy Godmother who told her of a prince who was in search of a bride. She explained that he was hosting a ball and everyone in the village was invited and she should go. Her Fairy Godmother came to bring her hope and vision. Cinderella was very hesitant at first and could not believe that someone would love her. It was her Fairy Godmother who convinced her and prepared her to meet the prince, and all of her menial items around her were transformed to serve noble purposes. Do you remember the most precious of all gifts were her glass slippers which symbolized a ‘new walk of life’ available to her. Cinderella went to the ball. There she was, so amazingly beautiful, with every eye gazing upon her beauty. Cinderella was the envy of the ball. What made the story so beautiful is the prince saw her and left all of his guests just to dance with her. They danced together until midnight when the clock struck 12:00 a.m. letting Cinderella know that her magical moment was over, it was time to return to the old life. She ran from the ball only to leave a slipper behind – a clue for the prince to go in search for her, and he did. You remember how he searched the village from house to house in search of his chosen bride. He finally found her, put the glass slipper on her foot, and whisked her away to his castle to live happily ever after. But did they? This is where Cinderella ends and Sinderella for us begins.

You remember when you were Sinderella, and you felt empty, lost, broken, and without any hope in the world. You asked the Lord Jesus Christ to come into your heart. I remember this day: July 25, 1979. I remember a very distinct feeling: “Who would want me after the things I had done and life I had lived?” My life was one of mental illness, sexual abuse, drugs, and the list goes on and on. From the time I was born, I felt like a mistake. My mother and father were not married. They were teenagers messing around, my mother got pregnant, and boom there I was. They were forced to get married which did not last because my father was very violent. From the beginning I was overcome with feelings of rejection and not being good enough. What good could ever come from and unwanted child? I learned as a child that to feel loved you had to perform, get good grades, please everyone. If you did this, everyone would like you. I was sexually abused from age 4 until I was 16 by boys, girls, and women so I had a very distorted sense of my identity. For me love was defined by “whoever touched me.” I’d tell myself the abusers must really love me because my mother and father were not there to hold me or comfort me. It was always my fault…something was wrong with me. Have you ever felt that something was wrong with you, because you did not feel loved, accepted, or approved? But the people who I believed really accepted me were the ones who used and abused me. It reminds me of Cinderella, a little love is better than no love at all, right? For years I lived angry with God but never realized it. I gave my heart to Him at 8 years old, but as I got older and all the abuse and feelings of worthlessness, shame, and guilt began to take over, I knew He could not love or want me, since no one else did. But He did! And He wants you too…No matter what you and I have done, the lives we have destroyed trying to get our needs met, He still loves us!!

Could the Prince of Peace, The Prince Beloved, The Lord of all lords, truly want me as His?

Yes, oh yes, oh yes!! My old life was filled to the brim with sin, disobedience, death, drugs, abuse, lies, trying to be a ‘good girl’ and rebellion, but none of that mattered to Him. He chose me; I did not choose Him. And as you surrender your life to Him, Your new name becomes SURRENDERELLA AND NO LONGER SINDERELLA. We’ll talk more about her next week.

Tresca Grannum

About the Author

Tresca Grannum is the Executive Director and founder of His Fullness Ministries, Inc. and HFM Counseling Center. His Fullness Ministries, Inc. is a Christ-Centered Counseling and Multiservice Agency located outside of Austin in Cedar Park, Texas. Tresca has a Master in Social Work. She mentors, trains, and counsels individuals, couples, and families. Tresca is a Commissioned Minister for Network 220 formerly Exchanged Life Ministries, International. Tresca also attended St. Michael’s Seminary and is trained in Pastoral Counseling and is certified in the Advance Exchanged Life Counseling Model. Tresca has been in love with Jesus for over 35 years and through brokenness and full surrender to Christ she has become “nothing” in order that he may be her “everything.” Because of Tresca’s past emotional and spiritual struggles, her passion has always been to assist others who are succumbed by life difficulties whether they are spiritual, emotional, psychological or physical. Tresca’s aim in her work is always to enlighten, encourage, and then empower others to understand who they really are In Christ and how HE IS wisdom, love, and grace and everything they could ever need. Tresca has been married 35 years to her beloved Anthony. Even though she could love no one else more than her Lord, Anthony is next in line; he is her anchor in life. Tresca enjoys teaching, mentoring, singing, song writing, worshipping, reading, and making people laugh. Tresca’s greatest discovery is that true success lies not in what I accomplish but in what I help others to accomplish through Christ. “For He satisfies the longing soul and fills the hungry soul with good.” Psalms 107:9, Amplified version Website: http://hisfullness.com & http://hisfullness.org Email: tresca@hisfullness.com