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From Sinderella To Surrenderella – Part 2

Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the Kingdom of His Dear Son.

Colossians 1:13 KJV

When we last saw Surrenderella her name had just been changed from Sinderella. This occurred when she gave her life to Prince Beloved. After changing her name to Surrenderella, her Prince invited her to move into the castle with him to live happily ever after. There was one big problem: she brought the trunk of her past with her. All the things she had learned, all of the emotions she felt, all of the experiences from her past life – they were all tucked away in her trunk. In her trunk was Surrenderella’s, precious things, private things, painful things, and polluted things. Surrenderella moved into the castle just as she was. Her Beloved Prince accepted her just as she was even knowing she had lived a life of a pauper or peasant; he was not deterred by that fact.

Let’s look into her trunk to examine these things she brought along with her. What are her precious things? Precious things are the things she held dear, such as her old identity of a housekeeper, caretaker, cook, a performer, a pleaser of others so that she would not feel rejected. Private things are those things she keeps secret, the place where she could hide or escape, a place where she thinks no one would find her. Painful things these are things that she would dwell on over and over again, the loss of her family, the death of her parents, the rejection, the loneliness she feels and the painful experiences of her past. Finally, in her trunk are those Polluted things. Polluted things are the things that contaminate her thoughts and emotions, also known as “trash.” Surrenderella would dwell on things that others had done or said to her, wishing she were back with her abusive family. She would dwell on ‘what ifs, if only, how comes.” These are things that have nothing to do with her present but all about her past. Many days and nights Prince Beloved longed for love, attention, and affection from Surrenderella, but she was preoccupied with her trunk.

Prince Beloved and Surrenderella’s relationship was also impacted by her past, since she had never experienced true intimacy with anyone. Surrenderella had learned to guard herself and build protective walls from the people around her. From the beginning it appeared this relationship would become another casualty, or would it? The truth is, Prince Beloved knew who he was marrying and where she had come from. He had learned of her painful past before they said “I do,” and he was willing to sacrifice Himself for his beloved because he loved her. He knew she could reciprocate the same love toward him without being willing to trust him and learning to receive his love and share that pure love with him. He knew it would take unconditional love on his part to wean his bride from her trunk in order for her to fully devote her whole being to him. He was willing to give ALL of himself to her in order to be loved by his dear Surrenderella.

Just like Prince Beloved, what amazing love our Lord Jesus has for us! He brought us into His kingdom and palace just as we were, knowing we had nothing good to offer Him. He knew we were just peasants and paupers with a very painful and worthless past, and yet He chose us anyway. He knew we were going to neglect Him some days choosing to look into our trunks and relive our past and all of its regrets. He knew that we would try to find our identity in “doing things for Him” rather than enjoy being with Him, but He loved us anyway. He knew that we had built all kinds of walls to protect our self and would not allow Him to get too close but rather substitute intimacy for works…but He loved us anyway. He knew that we would rather read the newspaper or watch television, or watch our favorite show rather than spend time laughing and talking to Him, but he loved us anyway. What kind of love is this, that our Prince pursues us even when we hide from Him? This love is called AMAZING, SPECTACTULAR, UNPRECEDENTED, UNBELIEVEABLE, ALL CONSUMING LOVE, AND I LONG FOR NOTHING AND NO ONE ELSE!! All He longs for us to do is to ‘let go’ of the things in our trunks, yield to Him as He tears down our walls, and receive all that He is, and all that He has prepared for us NOW in His awesome Kingdom of Love.

The Believer’s life is to be a simple one…it is one of surrendering our trunks of precious, private, painful, and polluted things along with our will and allowing our Lord’s WILL to be done.


Affectionately Loved of His Majesty,


Tresca Grannum

About the Author

Tresca Grannum is the Executive Director and founder of His Fullness Ministries, Inc. and HFM Counseling Center. His Fullness Ministries, Inc. is a Christ-Centered Counseling and Multiservice Agency located outside of Austin in Cedar Park, Texas. Tresca has a Master in Social Work. She mentors, trains, and counsels individuals, couples, and families. Tresca is a Commissioned Minister for Network 220 formerly Exchanged Life Ministries, International. Tresca also attended St. Michael’s Seminary and is trained in Pastoral Counseling and is certified in the Advance Exchanged Life Counseling Model. Tresca has been in love with Jesus for over 35 years and through brokenness and full surrender to Christ she has become “nothing” in order that he may be her “everything.” Because of Tresca’s past emotional and spiritual struggles, her passion has always been to assist others who are succumbed by life difficulties whether they are spiritual, emotional, psychological or physical. Tresca’s aim in her work is always to enlighten, encourage, and then empower others to understand who they really are In Christ and how HE IS wisdom, love, and grace and everything they could ever need. Tresca has been married 35 years to her beloved Anthony. Even though she could love no one else more than her Lord, Anthony is next in line; he is her anchor in life. Tresca enjoys teaching, mentoring, singing, song writing, worshipping, reading, and making people laugh. Tresca’s greatest discovery is that true success lies not in what I accomplish but in what I help others to accomplish through Christ. “For He satisfies the longing soul and fills the hungry soul with good.” Psalms 107:9, Amplified version Website: http://hisfullness.com & http://hisfullness.org Email: tresca@hisfullness.com