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General Patton

As General George Patton watched his tank divisions conquer the brilliant German commander, Irwin Rommel, he screamed across the desert at his fleeing foe, “I read your book!” Patton knew Rommel’s tactics before the battle began, giving him the advantage. In our war against the enemy, if we rely upon our own ingenuity, Satan will win the day. He knows that apart from Christ we can do nothing. Because it is through Christ we reject our flesh and live victoriously.

Our security is in Him, and alongside other Believers. It is here we know that our Father loves us, and that we are not alone in the fight of faith.

Preston Gillham

About the Author

As a co-founder, Preston Gillham led Lifetime for 30 years. Preston is a writer, speaker, and leadership guide. He has authored numerous articles and several books including No Mercy and Battle for the Round Tower. He blogs on “Life and Leadership”. More about Preston, his writings, speaking, and his consulting practice can be located at PrestonGillham.com.