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I Missed What Mark?

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Sin by definition is to miss the mark. So an honest question that would arise would be “What is the mark?” In some circles you might hear that it is perfect obedience to the Mosaic Law or the Ten Commandments, yet the Bible says sin was in the world before the law and that ALL have missed the mark and fallen short of the glory of God.

So let”s rewind to the beginning to see perfect man Adam living in the paradise that God made for him. At this point, sin had not yet entered into the human race, and Adam and Eve simply trusted and relied upon God and His provision, His power, and His presence to give them all that they needed. What it must have been like to walk in the cool of the garden with God, enjoying one another in love and laughter! All that while, the fruit of the tree of life was available to them as they came to it to eat and be filled.

Then the deceiver entered, coming to steal, kill, and destroy yet masked as a friendly face and seemingly making a whole lot of sense. Wow, I can be like God, yes, sign me up, what must I do to be like Him? Heady thought, right? Like Adam, I might have forgotten in the rush of the moment that I was already created in His likeness. God”s warning Avete mai sentito parlare del mini baccarat? Si tratta di una versione cheap del gioco online casino proposto all’interno dei grandi Casino americani. to me about the harm that would come if I ate from that other tree in the midst of the garden might have slipped my mind, too. It”s no surprise to me to see Adam and Eve giving the onlinesverigecasinon.com words of the deceiver power and priority over the words of God.

Then what happened? Adam and Eve missed the mark. They sinned. So what was the mark? Trust and reliance upon God, His will, His word, and His character. What was lost was a real fellowship with the living God, real unity. The fruit of that loss is hiding and shame. We exchanged the glorious life of God australian online casinos for a self-life that is truly no life at all. The mark was online casino missed, sin entered, and all of natural mankind now chooses independence over union and dependence.

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Jesus didn”t come to make bad people good but to give dead people life. He gave us His life, His eternal life united with our spirits so that there would now be no separation between His Father and us.

The next time you see the word sin don”t go back to that contract Judge waiting to hold the gavel over your head to beat you into submission…that is not the God of the Bible at all. When you miss the mark of trusting and relying upon Christ as Life, run back to the Father–just as the prodigal son did–and find His mercy and grace ready to receive you. You have been invited into His very Life and the truth is, apart from Him we can do nothing. He alone will produce the fruit upon us–the branches–and we will get to partake in this divine nature. From there we will not only know about the goodness of God but begin to experience the Life of Christ in us.

David Geisler

About the Author

Dave Geisler is a son, husband, father and pastor/teacher. He has been married to Jackie for twelve years and they have 3 children. Dave is the teaching pastor at A Grace Place Church in Bradenton, Florida. Along with co-shepherding the beloved ones at AGP church, Dave also travels and speaks at conferences and other congregations and has an online ministry through Facebook, blogs, and online videos. You can find more information at www.agpchurch.com.