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Introducing the Lifetime.org Prayer Community

Like it or not, our world seems to move faster and faster all the time. Many are finding themselves spending more and more time working, commuting, and relocating. Typically, our social connections bear the brunt of this frantic pace. Sadly, the less time we spend maintaining relationships, the thinner those relationships are stretched. This may include our relationship with God as well. 

We might cruise along like this for a while without feeling much pain. That is, until a crisis comes our way. Problems bring clarity about issues that otherwise have flown under the radar. Difficulties, or outright suffering, motivate us to want to reach out to others, so we begin to look for friendships, crave deeper conversations, and seek out people who can help carry our burdens and pray with us, but there may be no one there.

When we experience a crisis after a long period of social disconnection, we find ourselves missing the very thing we need most: Another person who knows us well enough to pray with us.

Some blame technology for the fast paced, relationship-starved world we live in, and there’s no denying that technology is often misused and contributes to our hectic lifestyle, e.g. home offices cause us to never really “leave” work. However, technology has a huge potential to help us connect with people on personal levels. It enables…

  • a grandmother to instantly see pictures of her grandkids who live three states away
  • a homesick missionary in Sri Lanka to have free phone conversations with his parents in Chicago
  • a homebound senior in Topeka to find answers to her medical questions

Technology is simply a tool. Depending on how it’s used, it can either promote our social connections or hinder our social connections. Technology enables us to enhance personal relationships by using an impersonal machine.  

Enter the Lifetime.org Prayer Community

This week, we’re launching a brand new feature on our website, the Lifetime.org Prayer Community (located at www.lifetime.org/prayer)

When you need prayer support, but have a hard time finding someone to pray with you, the Lifetime.org Prayer Community can assist.

At the Lifetime.org Prayer Community you can send in your prayer need so other sensitive, caring, new creatures in Christ can see your request and quickly tell you that they are praying for you.

Here’s How it Works

For Someone Needing Prayer

Let’s say your name is John and you would like someone to pray with you about a particular need…

  1. Visit www.lifetime.org/prayer
  2. Give us your name (“John”) or a nickname (“JJ”)
  3. Provide your email address (you may choose to hide it from others if you wish )
  4. Type in a title for your prayer request
  5. Choose the date you want your prayer removed from the website
  6. Type in the details of your prayer request. Try to be as brief as possible
  7. Your request will be publicly posted on theLifetime.org Prayer Community website. Remember, your name will not appear unless you key it in, so omit your name if you are concerned about privacy.

For Someone Desiring to Pray for Others

Meanwhile, God has given others a desire to pray fervently for the needs of others, and they may use the Lifetime.org Prayer Community as a tool to learn about issues in other people’s lives that need prayer. If this describes you, then you would…

  1. Visit www.lifetime.org/prayer
  2. Read the details of John’s prayer need
  3. Pray for John
  4. Then click a button that says, “Tell John That You Prayed.”
  5. An email with your personal message will be sent to John’s email address. Unless you include your name in the message, he won’t know who prayed for him. But he will know that someone is praying, and for John, that may be exactly the encouragement he needs

Even if you have a group of people you consistently share prayer needs with, you might still want to check out the Lifetime.org Prayer Community. You can expose your prayer needs to more people, and have your own desire to pray for others re-ignited.

Again, the Lifetime.org Prayer Community is located at www.lifetime.org/prayer.

Andy Knight

About the Author

Andy is the user interface designer for YouVersion, the Bible App. He has a passion for sharing God's story of grace and freedom through the internet. Andy lives in Roswell, GA, with his wife and three sons. You can follow him on Twitter at @andyknight.