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Our Legacy and Vision for the Future

It’s likely that when Bill and Anabel started Lifetime Guarantee Ministries they had no idea of the countless lives that would be impacted. Their ability to communicate with passion, transparency, and relevance caused people to thirst for intimate relationship with Christ. With the Gillhams transitioning out of daily ministry activity, the Lifetime Guarantee board has been carefully considering how to honor their legacy and most importantly ensure that their impact continues. Over the last several months, as a board we have reviewed our mission and vision for the future. We affirmed that our mission is to communicate the timeless treasures of God’s grace with transparency, simplicity, and practicality. Our vision is to provide resources that are readily accessible, culturally relevant, and easily applicable.

As we thought through how to bring the vision for Lifetime Guarantee to life, we considered every aspect of our ministry including our ministry name, our team, and our primary delivery method – the website. Recently, we have shared in this letter how we are moving forward, and we have more exciting changes to share with you today.

Our Name

Moving forward we will refer to ourselves as Lifetime or Lifetime Ministries. This new name honors our past and provides clarity for our future. It reflects our desire to reach people at every phase of their ‘lifetime’ with the reality of God’s grace. Our desire is to see this message taught around the world to people of all ages. The name Lifetime Ministries captures that vision while maintaining connection with our history.

Our Team

Last fall we started connecting with other authors, teachers, and speakers who share Lifetime’s core beliefs, namely around God’s grace and our identity in Christ. We intend to creatively collaborate with them in order to offer additional meaningful resources through our Lifetime ministry platform. You will be hearing more from these individuals in a new ‘Feature Article’ section on our website as well as in the Encouragement Letter. Personally, I will move from an executive director role to a hybrid technical and creative director. I will share writing responsibilities with Artie Sposaro and others, as mentioned above.

Our Website

We believe God has called us to offer resources in culturally relevant formats to a multi-generational audience. We believe the Internet provides us the best opportunity to achieve this goal. Lifetime’s web presence will be our primary ministry platform. Therefore, we feel it’s imperative that our Internet presence remains relevant, fresh, and easily functional. In order to accomplish this, we will launch a redesigned website in late May. The site is being redesigned to make a broad spectrum of visitors feel a sense of warmth, welcome, and encouragement. Additionally, the new site’s streamlined design will enable users to easily access our resources.

Just as Bill and Anabel’s resources have been available over the years in a variety of formats including videotape, audio CDs, and printed form, we want to continue to offer resources through channels that are relevant in today’s culture. For example, last year we began converting Bill and Anabel’s most popular books to an electronic format so they can be read on electronic reading devices like the Kindle and iPad. Also, you will begin seeing Lifetime offer content through online videos, which have become an important means of communication. They can reach millions around the world without the speaker ever having to leave his home. Through this means of communication we can multiply our reach with minimal investment.

We are encouraged by God’s faithfulness toward us through you and believe that our future is just as secure as our foundation. We are honored to carry Bill and Anabel’s legacy forward and excited to see how God moves in the lives of those touched by Lifetime Ministries. Thank you for your partnership with Lifetime.