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Red Satin Shirts


Once upon a time in the Garden of Paradise, Adam and Eve went shopping to the Garden of Paradise Mall. Adam had gone with her on many occasions and was always right there beside her as she roamed the mall. But this day he decided to sit on the bench and watched her at a distance as she browsed through the new clothing and accessory lines of hundreds of stores. Eve had passed the “Get a Bargain Today Center” many times just window shopping. She had seen that red satin blouse shimmering in the window but when Adam had walked beside her he always told her, “Honey this store is off limits, the prices are too high and the quality of the products are not worth the money.” He told her about how when he and his dad went shopping he always told him “Save your money son and never buy anything from that store the price you pay is just too much and in the end you lose more than what you bargained for.” But as Eve looked through the window she noticed that the blouse was not $50 but now marked down to five dollars. “Can you believe it five dollars she thought?” She could not believe her eyes she thought to go get Adam, but in such overwhelming excitement she dashed into the store only to inquire about the sale, not to buy the blouse but to inquire, she justified. So as she went to the rack where all of the red satin blouses were she could not help but to touch and feel the fabric sliding across her fingers; she also rubbed the fabric against her cheek. She was not aware that salesman was so eager to get a sale for the day that he had put a torn blouse on display in the window and hid the right side which was ripped away in order to lure customers into the store, in fact the cost of the other blouses were still $50. Eve paid little attention to the price when she entered the store because she had touched and felt the fabric on her skin. “Isn’t that a beautiful blouse the salesman asked?” “Oh madam you must try it on, your husband would just love you in it.” “ You see we added a little spandex in the fabric that will just fit perfect on you.” “Go ahead try it on!” (spandex and satin, no way) Eve replied “I don’t know, I am not even supposed to be shopping in this store, maybe I should go.” “No, no madam I assure you when you buy this blouse your husband will be floored by how good it looks on you.” Eve thought for a moment, “But my father may not be pleased because he told me about the quality of your product that it is not real quality.” “Madam I assure you I have been working here for over 200 years and none of my clients have complained about the quality of my clothing. Matter of fact, no one has ever returned anything back to the store.” (Of course not Adam and Eve are the only shoppers in the whole world). “What does your father know he has never made any clothing so he really does not know what quality is, now has he?” “Eve thought for a moment, no, maybe he really doesn’t.” “So after you buy this blouse you will be the first to really experience satin, and you will be the only one in the city to have a red satin blouse, everyone would want one and everyone would want to be around you, you will be the talk of the whole city.” “You go girl…get one.”

So Eve picked out the blouse in her size and went into the dressing room to try it on. She could not believe her eyes she looked trimmer and yet fuller in the right places, even the mirror in the dressing room said to her “You look marvelous darling.” It looked so perfect that she did not want to take it off. So she excitedly paid $50 the full price for the blouse then ran to Adam to show it off. Adam was just finish reading his Agriculture Today Magazine when he looked up and saw Eve walking through the mall with this tight fitting red satin blouse, it looked two sizes too small, he thought, but dared not say anything. The first thing he said was “Honey how much did you spend?” She replied “Not much honey, just look at how it looks on me.” “Honey, is that the blouse we use to see in the Get a Bargain Today Center?” She said “Yes, but isn’t it beautiful?” “Adam said,”Oh of course it looks really good on you.” Before he could say another word, she grabbed Adam by the hand and said “Come on sweetheart they have one that fits you too.” He said “Honey, but men do not wear red or satin; I just can’t see myself in red.” “Oh honey come on let’s just see.” The salesman was watching out of the window in hopes that he could get two sales for the day and here it is another sale, shashing. Eve brought Adam into the store and said “Honey look, there is one in your size try it on so we can match.” So Adam put on his red satin spandex shirt that made his muscles and pecks bulge through every seam. “Wow honey you look awesome!” said Eve as he strutted in the mirror. “How much is it he asked the salesman?” “Your’s will be $100, because yours was imported in from The Kingdom is Mine Boutique. So Adam and Eve bought their red satin shirt and blouse that day and before leaving the store they also bought some lime green matching pants. As they were strolling through the mall, they saw their dad getting his daily exercise walking through the mall with his Nike’s on. So Adam said “Honey let’s run into the Herbal of all Essence store for a few moments.” So as they were hiding in the Herbal of All Essence store, dad passed by and saw them, you could not help but notice them, their red satin shirts lit up the mall. Dad said, “Son what are you doing?” “Why are you hiding?” “Boy! “ What are you wearing?” Adam replied, “Eve picked it the shirt out for my birthday and I did not want to hurt her feelings so I put it on.” Dad said to Eve, “Girl, what were you thinking, men do not wear red satin shirts?” “And why is that blouse so tight on you?” Eve knowing she can’t manipulate her dad said, “Well, the salesman said it would look good on me and I did not want to look good by myself so I bought one for Adam too.” Dad looked at Adam and could not believe his eyes. He said to Adam “Son, lime green pants, you look scary in those easy squeezing high water pants!” “Oh no you both can’t be seen in town like that with me, I must do something, so you both won’t look ridiculous let’s go to My Son’s Righteousness store and I will buy you some NEW clothes.” So dad, Adam, and Eve went to My Son’s Righteousness store and bought them some brand new high quality clothes. For Eve he picked out a white pearl laced gown trimmed with rubies, diamonds, beryl and many precious stones. He also gave her a beautiful diamond ring engraved with, My Precious Daughter I love you, Dad. For Adam he bought him a white tuxedo with gold cuff links and a gold ring that said Son I love you, Eternally Dad. They left the mall and went home.

After that day things in the Garden of Paradise were never the same. Father forgave them for ignoring his desires when they went to the store he told them never to go into. He wanted so much to restore the relationship they use to enjoy together. He kept reaching out to them for intimate fellowship and conversation, but they kept their distance. You see Adam and Eve never threw away the red satin shirt and the red satin blouse. They even kept those yucky lime green pants hidden in the closet. Every now and then when they felt like being a little independent and mischievous they would go into the room and parade around in those ugly clothes again and again, because they thought they were free, but in reality they were still in bondage to themselves and could not fully enjoy the Fathers love.

The message to us is that we must remember the garments of the flesh are tainted by the liar and manipulator who sold them to us. He deceived us into thinking they would make us look and feel good about ourselves. But the truth is, they appear to be of quality, but they are cheap and hide the truth of who we are and whose we really are.

So today if you hear His sweet voice, He is calling us to say its time to put away our red satin blouse, or our red satin shirt, and our lime green pants and to embrace the TRUTH the beautiful garments Father has purchased at My Son’s Righteousness store through His blood shed for us on the Cross. Always remember… Christ Righteousness is more than enough, and because His life is the only one that will ever please our Father. Allow Christ to live His life through you TODAY!

Tresca Grannum

About the Author

Tresca Grannum is the Executive Director and founder of His Fullness Ministries, Inc. and HFM Counseling Center. His Fullness Ministries, Inc. is a Christ-Centered Counseling and Multiservice Agency located outside of Austin in Cedar Park, Texas. Tresca has a Master in Social Work. She mentors, trains, and counsels individuals, couples, and families. Tresca is a Commissioned Minister for Network 220 formerly Exchanged Life Ministries, International. Tresca also attended St. Michael’s Seminary and is trained in Pastoral Counseling and is certified in the Advance Exchanged Life Counseling Model. Tresca has been in love with Jesus for over 35 years and through brokenness and full surrender to Christ she has become “nothing” in order that he may be her “everything.” Because of Tresca’s past emotional and spiritual struggles, her passion has always been to assist others who are succumbed by life difficulties whether they are spiritual, emotional, psychological or physical. Tresca’s aim in her work is always to enlighten, encourage, and then empower others to understand who they really are In Christ and how HE IS wisdom, love, and grace and everything they could ever need. Tresca has been married 35 years to her beloved Anthony. Even though she could love no one else more than her Lord, Anthony is next in line; he is her anchor in life. Tresca enjoys teaching, mentoring, singing, song writing, worshipping, reading, and making people laugh. Tresca’s greatest discovery is that true success lies not in what I accomplish but in what I help others to accomplish through Christ. “For He satisfies the longing soul and fills the hungry soul with good.” Psalms 107:9, Amplified version Website: http://hisfullness.com & http://hisfullness.org Email: tresca@hisfullness.com