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The Christian Life Unplugged?

It’s popular today for rock bands to play their familiar songs unplugged. The tune is the same, but they play acoustic instruments instead of their usual electric guitars.

It’s also popular for many of God’s children to attempt to live the Christian life unplugged, but trying to live the Christian life unplugged is not just difficult…it’s impossible! The secret to a victorious Christian life lies in understanding how to stay “plugged in” moment-by-moment to the Power Source, Jesus Christ. There is a huge difference between trying to live our lives for Christ versus Christ’s living His life through us—it’s the difference between failing and overcoming. The reason so many well-meaning Christians get discouraged and give up on the Christian life is because they are trying to “do” it all on their own self effort. When in actuality, the Christian life is accomplished just like it was acquired: by faith; we are to simply believe that Christ is our life because God says so, and then act like it’s true.

So let’s plug-in to the Power Source, crank up the amps, and rock on.

Andy Knight

About the Author

Andy is the user interface designer for YouVersion, the Bible App. He has a passion for sharing God's story of grace and freedom through the internet. Andy lives in Roswell, GA, with his wife and three sons. You can follow him on Twitter at @andyknight.