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Thermostat Theology

I have two devices around my house that tell me the temperature, but both are very different. One simply reads the temperature, but the other regulates it. One only announces the temperature, while the other adjusts it. One is the thermometer, and the other is the thermostat. The thermometer fluctuates on a moment-by-moment basis depending on surrounding circumstances. It’s usually unpredictable. It’s up one day and down the next. Yet, the thermostat remains consistent. It’s never moved by its surrounding climate.

In the ever-changing, ever-turbulent circumstances of life, our personal attitude should resemble the thermostat more than the thermometer. No matter what the temperature reads outside, whether times are good or times are bad, your internal temperature should be determined by the constant, unchanging characteristics about you that God has declared to be true. That is, as a Believer you are full of worth, dignity, and Godly wisdom. There is no situation too overwhelming. Christ is in you, and He is the Rock that never changes. Do you know what that means? He is your thermostat.

Andy Knight

About the Author

Andy is the user interface designer for YouVersion, the Bible App. He has a passion for sharing God's story of grace and freedom through the internet. Andy lives in Roswell, GA, with his wife and three sons. You can follow him on Twitter at @andyknight.