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Trusting God When You’ve Experienced Loss

Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me. (John 14:1)

No two people are alike. We have different interests, different talents, and different personalities. We’re as diverse as can be. Yet, something we all have in common is the tendency for our hearts to become troubled especially through loss. It may be the loss of a relationship, the loss of security, the loss of health, or the loss of a dream. Loss causes you to evaluate what you believe and why you believe it.

When you experience deep loss, you become a wide-open target for your enemy to harass you by encouraging you to believe that God is no longer concerned with what’s best for you. Satan frantically plays every dirty trick in the book to undermine your trust in your Father. He’s a liar. He cares only for destroying you by getting you to believe that God is untrustworthy. You don’t have to pay attention to that garbage. The mission which you’ve embarked upon (that is, to know Christ and see that He is known by others) depends completely on how much you trust your Father.

What does it mean to trust God? In his book Grace in Ungracious Places, Preston Gillham explains:

In my experience, trust and faith have been used synonymously, yet each has a unique flavor. Satan has taken advantage of this lack of distinction to trip me up. Faith says, “I believe.” Trust says, “I believe in spite of.” Faith requires a willful decision and set jaw. Trust requires the same, and adds a steadfast determination to walk forward regardless of the circumstances. Simply put, trust takes up where faith ends and willfully enforces it in the face of the daily grinding, and ungracious opposition, of the ungracious world where we live. Faith is a declaration. Trust is a determination. Faith is a statement of belief in God that is intended to bring focus to life. Trust is a statement of confidence in God in spite being disillusioned with life—and perhaps even with God. Faith is a starting point, a port of departure. Trust is the course by which I sail through the heavy weather of life’s storms. [pp. 34-35]

Being a Believer does not protect you from the hurts and disappointments of life. They will come. Count on it. Remember that when they come, the most effective plan Satan has for handicapping your walk with Christ is for you to sink into the belief that He is not trustworthy. Resist those thoughts. They cannot originate in your mind because “[you] have the mind of Christ” (1 Corinthians 2:16 ). Such slandering thoughts that God is not worthy of your trust do not come from him, but from his enemy.

Andy Knight

About the Author

Andy is the user interface designer for YouVersion, the Bible App. He has a passion for sharing God's story of grace and freedom through the internet. Andy lives in Roswell, GA, with his wife and three sons. You can follow him on Twitter at @andyknight.