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A Private Conversation

“For Christ did not enter a holy place made with hands, a mere copy of the true one, but into heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God for us;”
Hebrews 9:24

“To appear in the presence of God for us!

For me! He is with God and He talks about me? Can I comprehend this? Can I visualize this? Can I see what He is saying to me?

I’ll walk through it. Here I am. I approach Jesus with my requests, my desires, my burdens. There is no hesitation. He takes themu00c7u0083u00d3He has told me to give my burdens to Him:
“Cast your burden on the Lord, and He will sustain you” Ps. 55:22. “Casting all your anxiety upon Him, because He cares for you” I Peter 5:7.

Those are not requests or suggestionsu00c7u0083u00d3they are commandments. Those words could be put in Exodus 20 with all of the other commandments: Don’t kill. Don’t steal. Don’t murder. Don’t covet. et al.

So I am obedient. I do what He tells me to do. I hold out my burdens. He takes them. Then, He turns around and says, “Father, Anabel and I have been talking about some things that are in her life that are distressing to her, some things that are causing anxiety and that she felt needed special attention. I’d like to spend some time with You discussing her requests.” He talks about my problems with God! Incredible!

Believe this, Anabel. Walk in it. It will be as real to me as I allow it to be.


Yes. I can see it, Lord. You’re coming toward me. As we meet You hold our Your hand ready to take my box of stuff. You’re looking right into my eyes. I reach out to You and place my problems in Your hands. Oh, the relief! The blessed relief! Your eyes never leave mine. Then, very carefully holding my burdens, You turn and start talking to God about them. You don’t need me to explain. You, of course, understand perfectly.

Thank You, dear Jesus, for giving me such a significant place in Your day. I can’t comprehend that You have time for me and my thoughts and for the millions of others who come to You at the same time. But, I refuse to put You into a box with my limitations. I don’t need to understand. I just need to accept and believe.

Please don’t ever let my senses be dulled to seeing You standing with God, telling Him about your beloved Anabel.

For Further Study: Romans 8:34 I John 2:1

About the Author

Anabel spent decades teaching in many contexts through Lifetime Guarantee Ministries. She has taught countless others how to have a genuine intimate faith and a sound marriage. She shared from her heart about living from the heart. Lifetime’s beloved founder and mentor passed away November 7, 2010. Her legacy and influence are timeless and priceless.