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Memorial pages: Bill Gillham | Anabel Gillham

In 1976 Bill and Anabel Gillham founded what would become known as Lifetime Guarantee Ministries, but our story starts years before as Bill and Anabel were changed by the truth that became the foundation of the ministry.

As a young Christian, Bill zealously “worked for God” according to the tradition of his elders, but soon found himself burned out and having a major career failure. Through that experience, God taught Bill an essential truth: He was not to live his life for Christ, but to trust Christ in him to express His life through him, by faith. He learned that trusting Christ to express His overcoming life through him is normal Christianity, but sad to say, it’s not the normal Christian’s experience.

This truth was life-changing for Bill, and as a counselor, he saw how it was impacting other people’s spiritual lives as well. To spread this message, Bill and his son, Pres Gillham, founded Lifetime Guarantee. Anabel eventually joined the two at Lifetime Guarantee and began to contribute her unique personality and experiences to the ministry.

Bill wrote his first book Lifetime Guarantee based on the truth that had so impacted their lives. He and Anabel traveled all over the country and abroad, sharing their experiences and teaching about how to live a victorious Christian life. Bill’s authored two other books What God Wishes Christians Knew About Christianity and He Said, She Said, co-authored with Anabel.

A delightful, personal, practical storyteller, Anabel shared her life experiences and struggles with perfectionism, depression, living in a self-destruct marriage, and accepting God’s grace. Her enthusiasm for the truths of God’s Word is contagious and, her ability to weave together His Word and its practical application is a timeless encouragement to listeners both young and old.

In the 1980s and 1990s Anabel Gillham became a nationally known author, counselor, and Bible teacher. Anabel co-hosted with Bill a nationally syndicated daily broadcast of “Lifetime Guarantee.” She too authored two books, The Confident Woman, and Stillness in the Storm. One of her most popular resources continues to be her Lifetime Daily devotionals that thousands of people read each morning.

Between 1996 and September 2008, Pres served as President of Lifetime Guarantee overseeing its multi-faceted, nondenominational ministry encompassing media, print, conferences, and consulting. Preston also served as Chairman of the Lifetime Guarantee board of directors. Today Pres is an author, speaker, and blogger at PrestonGillham.com. His most recent book is called Battle for the Round Tower. Other books from Pres include No Mercy, Things Only Men Know and Grace in Ungracious Places.

Bill and Anabel have both left their earthsuits behind and stepped into the presence of their savior. Anabel went home in November 2010, and Bill followed his bride in June 2011. Although their time on earth has ended, their library of written and audio resources on Lifetime.org is a timeless legacy that will continue to be relevant to generations to come.

Our story is still being written. We know that people are just as hungry and hurting today as they were when the story of Lifetime started years ago. We look forward to seeing how God continues to minister through Lifetime.