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Are You Asking God the Right Question?

Christian life is both a destination and a journey. The destination is God, and if you are a believer in Jesus, you have already arrived at the destination. The journey is the unpacking of all that you received at the moment of salvation (Ephesians 1:3).

Ephesians 1:3Part of my evolving journey has to do with how I interact with God. For years when hard things happened, I would ask God, “Why me?” The problem with this question is that it kept my focus on ME. Often I saw myself as a victim of other peoples’ actions, circumstances beyond my control, fate, or whatever. Thinking back, I don’t remember getting many answers from God in response to this rather impertinent question.

As time went on and I began to grow in my understanding of God and His sovereignty, my question to God changed. Still in the middle of some of the same circumstances that had not gotten better or changed, my question became, “God, what are You doing in allowing this in my life?” I believe that what God does not prevent, He does permit. God could stop any particular event or circumstance in my life at any time. If I am in the middle of something right now, apparently He has chosen not to prevent it. God, what are You doing in allowing this in my life? It felt like a valid question to ask, but in time I realized that with that question, deep down in my heart I was blaming God. And I was angry with Him for not making things better. My focus was still on me and my unhappiness.

As my journey with God continued through the years, I experienced God’s unconditional love. I came to understand that everything God allowed in my life was out of His love for me. In the painful times this does not make sense to my rational mind, and that is when faith urges me to choose to believe. So, recently I have been asking God, “Would you reveal Your love to me in the middle of this?” In the moment, it changes my focus from me and my circumstance to God and His love. And, I have gotten some very interesting answers as I ask this question.

Recently, I was complaining to God because at the end of a busy, tiring day, my daughter asked me for help with her three sons. Eventually, I remembered to ask, “So, God, how are you revealing Your love to me in the middle of this?’ God’s answer surprised me. He seemed to say, “I am using you in this moment to reveal My love to your daughter!” That changed my entire mood. “Oh, Father, You’re showing Your love to my daughter through me? What a privilege it is to serve You! If this is a ‘mission from God’, I know You will energize and strengthen me.” And, He did!

God IS Love (1 John 4:16). One way to experience His Love is to ask Him to reveal it to you in the middle of the moments of your life. Give it a try!

Sandy Witherspoon

About the Author

Sandy Witherspoon has been wife to Bill for 41 years, is mother of two daughters, and grandmother to 4 boys. She is Director of Training at Grace Life International in Charlotte, NC