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Be Loved by the Beloved

“For the Father has delivered us and drawn us to Himself out of the control and the dominion of darkness and has transferred us into the kingdom of the Son of His love (Beloved Son).” Colossians 1:13 Amplified version.

For every true believer of Christ this is an amazing scripture! For the Father chose such an awesome and glorious feat. He has taken us out of the control of sin, self, and the devil and placed us into a NEW Kingdom, a Kingdom where His Son rules and reigns. A Kingdom where our Father and the Holy Spirit lives… and that KINGDOM IS WITHIN US! When did we enter into His Kingdom? It happened the moment when we told the Lord how sorry we were for trying to live life without Him and repented (turned away from our sin and returned to Him) then acknowledged that He is Lord (our boss) never to live to please our selves again; then our Father took us out of the OLD Kingdom of Darkness and placed us into a NEW Kingdom called the “Kingdom of God” the King’s domain, the domain of His Beloved Son! Have you discovered this New Kingdom on the inside of you? Have you experienced the love and life of the Beloved living deep within your spirit penetrating through your soul? If not, you can! In this article we will examine the Kingdom of God and how to experience it and to ‘Be Loved’ by your ‘Beloved.’

The Kingdom of God is a place where the Godhead abides. It is the place that is located in the center of our spirits. In that place, our spirit and soul reign as One again with the Lord! It is a peaceful place, a restful place, a graceful place, a heavenly place, and nothing of the self, the world, or sin can enter in. It is a fortified place, an everlasting place, a place where pure life and love forever abide. Only broken, surrendered, and humbled souls are welcomed; all others must remain outside the gates. The key to abide and remain in this place is by faith in Christ alone, good works will never do. For HE IS, He is the center of all affections therefore, the ‘I’ is forbidden and banished from this place. It is in this place we experience the grace and love of ‘the Beloved Son of Glory, ‘Jesus the Christ.’

To understand why the Father called Jesus Christ ‘Beloved’ let’s look at its meaning. ‘Beloved’ means worthy of love, esteemed, dear, favorite. This word is used 62 times in the New Testament and the majority of those times it refers to believers – you and I who have been brought back home into the Kingdom of our Lord and Christ. In the Old Testament ‘Beloved’ means ‘one so deeply loved.’ It is not like the human love we talked about in our last article but it is a deep and intimate love with no strings attached shared with us as it flows from the Father to His Son and through us.

To experience the Kingdom of God and the love of the Beloved just receive it! The key to experiencing all that is ours in Christ is to believe whatever He says is TRUE. That’s it!  Simply affirm to the Lord, “Thank you for living inside me Lord. Thank you Lord for loving me so much, I receive your love.” It’s just that simple!  We open up our hearts over and over again and just thank Him and worship Him with our whole beings.

Tresca Grannum

About the Author

Tresca Grannum is the Executive Director and founder of His Fullness Ministries, Inc. and HFM Counseling Center. His Fullness Ministries, Inc. is a Christ-Centered Counseling and Multiservice Agency located outside of Austin in Cedar Park, Texas. Tresca has a Master in Social Work. She mentors, trains, and counsels individuals, couples, and families. Tresca is a Commissioned Minister for Network 220 formerly Exchanged Life Ministries, International. Tresca also attended St. Michael’s Seminary and is trained in Pastoral Counseling and is certified in the Advance Exchanged Life Counseling Model. Tresca has been in love with Jesus for over 35 years and through brokenness and full surrender to Christ she has become “nothing” in order that he may be her “everything.” Because of Tresca’s past emotional and spiritual struggles, her passion has always been to assist others who are succumbed by life difficulties whether they are spiritual, emotional, psychological or physical. Tresca’s aim in her work is always to enlighten, encourage, and then empower others to understand who they really are In Christ and how HE IS wisdom, love, and grace and everything they could ever need. Tresca has been married 35 years to her beloved Anthony. Even though she could love no one else more than her Lord, Anthony is next in line; he is her anchor in life. Tresca enjoys teaching, mentoring, singing, song writing, worshipping, reading, and making people laugh. Tresca’s greatest discovery is that true success lies not in what I accomplish but in what I help others to accomplish through Christ. “For He satisfies the longing soul and fills the hungry soul with good.” Psalms 107:9, Amplified version Website: http://hisfullness.com & http://hisfullness.org Email: tresca@hisfullness.com