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Can God really help improve my marriage?

You are right to look to God first when thinking about improving your marriage. Marriage is a relationship to be based on unconditional love, with each person giving self-sacrificially for the benefit of the other. This is impossible for us to do; Jesus wants us to let Him do it through us.

So, although it might seem that on a human level, we are to put our spouse first, the truth is that we can’t love our spouses like we should on a purely human level without God. So, instead of separating the spiritual side of things from the human side, you need to see that every aspect of our human life must be lived by faith of the spiritual reality of Jesus Christ living through us.

He wants to be a part of every aspect of our lives, the big and the small. Tell Him that you want Him to live through you, and to do it all for you.

Now trust Jesus to direct you into what you can do to meet the needs of your spouse. Ephesians 5:22-33 gives instructions on how wives and husbands should treat each other. The instructions for the husband gives us an idea of what the needs of the wife are, and the instructions for the wife let us know about the husband. Bill and Anabel have some very good teaching on these needs in the video series The Life and their books The Confident Woman, and Lifetime Guarantee.