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Carrying on the Gillham Legacy

Lifetime’s ministry team now owns the task of carrying on the legacy of Bill and Anabel. Their legacy shared in the legacy of Christ himself–preach the good news of God’s grace. What a humbling assignment for us to continue!

The term legacy denotes a willful gift of property, especially personal property. This may be literal or figurative property. It’s a handing down, a passing on to the next generation. The legacy-keepers serve as ambassadors of the past generations. The word’s origin is from the Medieval Latin term legatia meaning “commission” and “body of persons sent on a mission.”

Legacy comes with great responsibility and an incredibly powerful charge. Lifetime continues on with the ‘ministry property’ of Bill and Anabel. We have been commissioned–sent on a mission–to continue what Bill and Anabel started so many years ago. Lifetime has been given the gift of continuing to bless people by teaching them who they really are in Christ. We’ve been commissioned to continue plainly sharing the unadulterated grace of God. This task, in and of itself, is a gift.

Please know, as a partner of Lifetime Ministries, that the Lifetime team is committed to continuing on in the spirit of Bill and Anabel and empowered by God’s Spirit. As you can see by our new website, we are carrying on with great creativity and passion. Thank you for continuing on with us.

You will continue to see devotionals and articles by Bill and Anabel on the website. Also, all of Bill and Anabel’s resources will continue to be available for purchase through our website. Additionally, we are currently mining their archives to find treasures that haven’t ever been made available.

We would love to hear from you regarding our new look on the Internet. Please feel free to give us feedback and make suggestions as we carry on sharing the love of God.