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I’ve found a peace that I never knew possible

Steve from Tennessee

“This ministry has dramatically changed my life,” exclaims Steve from Tennessee. “Through Bill Gillham’s books and tapes I’ve found a peace that I never knew possible. I used to struggle so much with my assurance, my marriage, self-esteem, my job, depression and so much of that is going away. Don’t get me wrong my life is not perfect, but the quality of life is greatly improved.”

Your book was such an eye-opener to me

from Maine

I first read Lifetime Guarantee 5 years ago, and did a Bible study with 2 groups of women with the book. It helped me immensely, but I realize that as time has gone by, I slip back into those old ways of thinking…and still get drawn down by a sense of failure and inadequacy. Your book was such an eye-opener to me because I grew up in a very legalistic upbringing…which left me feeling that God was always scowling at me with disapproval. Since reading Lifetime Guarantee, I do realize (thank the Lord!) that He loves me unconditionally…not based on my performance! I just need to GROW in that!! Thank you so much!

The directions on renewing your mind is priceless

from South Carolina

A friend told me about LIFETIME GUARANTEE and I cannot believe I had not heard of it before. I ordered three books just on what she told me and got them yesterday. What a blessing and challenge in just what I have been able to glean in part of a day. The directions on renewing your mind is priceless not just saying by the washing of regeneration and… but directions on how to go about it. I loved the direction to just sit and think of being in Heaven with God and Him putting His arms around you–completely accepted in Him. I always thought my mind was OK because I did not think on evil things. The idea of training our minds to dwell on what we have in Christ is so obvious in the Bible and so lost in practice. Thanks for writing this book. I haven’t even read a third of it (except I must admit I read portions throughout). After talking to a lady at church tonight, I came home and ordered four additional copies–three for Christmas gifts and two others to have on had to lend to those who my enthusiasm rubs off on. Again Thanks!