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Do you consider masturbation to be a sin?

Folks used to get married much earlier than they do today. Western culture pressures both genders to prolong singleness in order to educationally prepare themselves for a career. Meanwhile, the hormones increase the pressure to do the job that God intends.

But, I believe masturbation is different for the two genders. The female does so simply because it is pleasurable. The male does so likewise, but the difference, as I understand it, is that if the male does not get regular relief, his semen supply collects and can begin to affect his prostate gland adversely. Of course, the female has no prostate, and as I understand it, she has no similar medically challenging problem. Masturbation for the female is purely recreational and thus, I believe has no place in her life. Her solution is grace and a cold shower.

I have counseled single men who have been advised by their urologist to relieve the pressure I’ve described above through masturbation, but they were concerned about the morality of doing it. Under this circumstance I believe that it’s OK for the male to follow the physician’s advice with this limitation. He should fix his mind on completing the activity without fantasizing to enhance it. Just get it over with as soon as possible.

Masturbation is a self-centered act in which a person maintains total control of the timing necessary to arrive at the desired maximum sexual climax. Upon getting married, however, the sex act with the spouse may frequently be less satisfying: The partner may not perform as anticipated, timing for the partner’s sexual climax must be observed (even delaying one’s own climax), communication is involved, inhibitions may have to be overcome, etc. If a person has built a habit of masturbating, such things can open the door of temptation to revert back to masturbation in order to achieve a more satisfying sexual experience, thus cheating one’s spouse in order to satisfy one’s own sexual appetite. As you can imagine, this can create a very real problem in a marriage.