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Does this Romans 8:9 REALLY mean that I am in the Spirit all the time if I am a born again Christian?

Rom. 8:9 (NAS) says, “However, you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. But if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Him.“ A careful study of God’s Word reveals that those who are “in the flesh” are lost, while those who are “in the spirit” are saved (Lit.) “born from above.” The saved person can, however, walk (act, live, function, operate, perform) “according to the flesh“/“after the flesh.” This means living any way other than trusting the Holy Spirit of Christ to express His life through us. You and I are given the option to toggle back and forth between trusting in self (independence) vs. trusting in Christ to express His life through us, the former being “death,” the latter “life” (see Rom. 8:6). However, being either in the flesh or in the Spirit does not refer to our performance, but to our identity. Guard against confusing performance and identity. They are totally different. Saints can sin, but when we do, it doesn’t change our spiritual identity. Biblical words and definitions are critically important. I found this to be especially true in counseling born again folks who did not have a euphoric high accompanying their salvation. Those who did are invited to give their public testimonies. Those of us who did not are skipped over. This gives satan a powerful opportunity to insert his accusing thoughts into our minds (with those first person singular pronouns) hoping to make us doubt our salvation. In closing let me say God forbid that I’d give false assurance to the person whose casual attitude toward Jesus is similar to the man whose membership in the Lion’s Club expired years ago. He hasn’t attended a meeting in years and has no interest whatever in the club. Some folks who never give the Lord the time of day bet their eternity on some long forgotten childhood “experience” that they quickly put in a box and stored in some abandoned corner of the garage. That, my friend, is scary! I’d never bet the homestead on that sort of “salvation.“