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Support a Cause that Brings Freedom

Why we need your support.

Many Followers of Christ don’t understand the amazing reality of what Christ has accomplished by dying on the cross and rising again. They live in bondage to the lifeless laws of religion and to the guilt and shame it produces. They don’t understand their identity in Christ. They don’t see themselves as God sees them. Likewise, they don’t grasp what it means to live freely and lightly guided by the Holy Spirit. They need freedom.

That is why this organization exists, and why we need your support.

If our mission resonates with you, would you consider making a donation to Lifetime so that we can continue spreading the amazing, staggering, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, good news of God’s grace in Christ?


Orlando, FL

"I have had the privilege to watch some of your DVD's and read your book, Lifetime Guarantee. What a blessing!! As you so readily know, God is good and this is what I have been needing. I could write a small book myself explaining all the turmoil in my family dating back three generations. And the chain of the sins of the fathers keep on getting passed down. But, while I have been praying for the last ten years to break the chain, your book has helpled not only that burden but, many, many, many others! I thank God for your knowledge and teaching!"


Denver, CO

"I am so thankful for your ministry, it is one of the first that I have found that really paints the picture of how good our God really is and how much grace is available to us. An infinite amount! Immeasurable! That the Christian life is about freedom. I have been a Christian since I was young, and grew up in the church. I am relearning after a few years of battling depression, anxiety, and career failure just how forgiving, loving, and engaged our Father really is. I now know that our performance has no bearing on His love for us, and that He pursues us and is jealous for us. What a Savior indeed. I am 27 years old, and learning to be intimate with the Father and what it really means to fully surrender. I guess you could say I am now encountering the real God - not the distant angry picture my imagination created, but the One who loves and forgives. I praise God for how good He really is!! Halleluiah!"