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Your different giving options: Stock, Estate Planning, Material, or Cash

Whether by cold, hard currency, checks, or credit card your gift to Lifetime Guarantee is deeply appreciated and highly valued.

Of course, we realize you pray for us and tell others about the ministry in which we are engaged together, but through your contributions and letters of encouragement, your participation becomes tangible. Specifically, your donations enable us to advance the message of Lifetime into the hearts and lives of those waiting to hear the Good News of our freedom in Christ. In other words, your contributions enable us to do for others what you have experienced through Lifetime Guarantee.

If you have not already visited our Financial Stewardship page. It will let you know exactly how your gift is used. In a nutshell, through designated giving of generous donors to the ministry’s overhead expense, 100% of your gift goes right back out the door and into people’s lives. That is a dandy return on your investment!

A final word of encouragement: DO NOT let the enemy talk you into believing your gift is insignificant. That is baloney! If your Heavenly Father has touched your life through the ministry of Lifetime, then you ask Him what He would like for your contribution amount to be and then send that amount with confidence and joy in your heart. You are not sending money to impress us. You are sending money in obedience to FatherÕs leading, in thanksgiving for the ministry you have received, and with confidence in Father’s work in other people’s lives.

Thanks for your partnership. Bless you!