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Estate Planning

Your different giving options: Stock, Estate Planning, Material, or Cash

It is vitally important that you plan the transfer of your estate! Millions pass into the arms of Jesus and leave a mess for their family to clean up, and the mess can be incredibly disheartening!

As if the loss of a loved one is not enough, to find that you did not properly care for your estate can mean that as much as 50% of your estate is lost to the probate process and estate taxes… UNNECESSARILY!

We are blessed in the United States with very favorable tax laws for estate planning and gifting through a variety of trusts and insurance policies. There is great satisfaction in knowing that you have planned well and that your financial legacy and advance planning will continue to impact the world for Christ long after you have hung up your spurs.

Further, the process of estate planning is a tremendous test of your confidence in what life holds for you after death. To consider your exit strategy will provide you with all sorts of opportunities to speak on behalf of your confidence in your Heavenly Father. In other words, it is a clear statement that your life is not summed up in accounts and achievements but in Who you know on the other side of this journey. It is a time of great confidence and tremendous courage, and because of the work of Christ, you are equipped!

We can help you think through the general implications of your estate options. If you wish to include Lifetime in you will, we can help you with that. If your estate is more complex and you need special assistance, we will readily connect you with a specialist who can guide you with expert counsel, not only for your estate, but also how to think through your estate in spiritual terms. In so doing, you will not only manage your money well, but you will also manage your legacy and your heirs with thoughtful consideration. That’s huge!

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Thanks for your participation with us. It is a high calling we share. Bless you!