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Materials & Property

Your different giving options: Stock, Estate Planning, Material, or Cash

Upon occasion God inspires His people to transfer property to the ministry of Lifetime Guarantee. By property I mean a literal piece of ground, a farm, a ranch, a home, a building, a car, a piece of equipment, etc., and on one occasion, a mink coat.

Our Father is very ingenious in the way He funds His work. My encouragement to you is not to think too narrowly about what He might supply you with in order to participate in His Kingdom at work through Lifetime.

If you have property you would like to contribute to the ministry endeavor at Lifetime, please contact us at 1.888.395.LIFE (5433) and we will discuss how best to proceed.

In general terms, we will coordinate your material gift with specialists who can guide us to ensure an efficient and accurate transfer process. This will begin with a proper valuation of your property and proceed through the transfer and receipting process so you are equipped to accurately report your gift to the tax man.

Again, feel free to contact us toll free, 1.888.395.LIFE (5433), to discuss your thoughts and options. And just so you’ll know, if we know of a better option for you and what you are desiring to accomplish, we’ll tell you.

Thanks for your participation with us. It is a high calling we share. Bless you!