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Equal Opportunity

There is one thing all believers can do equally well as we begin each day. That is to offer all that we are to Christ to express His life through us, to use us to do His will. Our ability to do this is not related to how many spiritual gifts we have or our talent, IQ, appearance, wealth, charisma, wisdom, or circumstances. True, we’re stewards of all these, but we begin each day having an equal opportunity with all believers, including those with the highest and the lowest exposure in the church.

The believer who suffers great trial due to political persecution, marital stress, and so on finds that God either removes the problem or simply makes greater grace available to him to allow Christ to handle it through him.

Believing you have no worthwhile opportunity because you have a low profile when compared to world-renowned Christians is Satan’s lie. You can perhaps gain more rewards than the world’s highest-profile Christian leader. The ground is level at the beginning of each day.

The housewife who yields herself to Christ to develop a pleasant home, husband, and children will receive the “Well done” not because the results are perfect, but because her method was perfect. The work will be identical to the Foundation: Christ’s life as she collaborated with Him.

About the Author

Bill founded Lifetime Guarantee Ministries to encourage people to experience the reality of Christ as life. His transparent, humorous, down-to-earth style and sense of humor made him one of the most effective teachers of his time. He communicated with great clarity the full extent of what God accomplished in Christ and what that means for the Christian identity. Although Bill passed away in June 2011, his messages are timeless and will continue to impact generations to come.