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Real Life Questions

We want to provide you with practical answers so you can be equipped for all of life’s challenges. Being a Christian means you have a brand new life, but it doesn’t mean you no longer have problems. However, when the storms do come, knowing that you are 100% accepted by Christ and understanding that it is Jesus Christ who lives the Christian life through you can make these storms endurable.


Often we find ourselves trying to meet our own needs by relying on various addictive behaviors instead of allowing Jesus Christ to be the One who meets our needs. Examples of questions in this category are “I smoke cigarettes, feel so guilty, and can’t seem to quit. Can you help?

Christian Living and Biblical Issues

This category answers questions related to biblical and theological issues such as “Was Jesus still God when He was here on earth?”, “What does the Bible mean by sanctification?” and “Were people in the Old Testament able to be born again?” It also deals practical questions about living the Christian life more effectively: “What Does it Take To Hear From God?” and “Do I have to keep the Ten Commandments?”

Emotional Issues

Questions in this category deal with common personal struggles that typically deal with our emotions…how we feel. “How can I overcome perfectionism?” and “Why am I so needy?” “Is there peace?” “Why does God have me in a job I can’t seem to do?”

Marriage and Divorce

Marriage is one of God’s greatest tools to build within us traits like character, patience, and humility. This category answers questions such as “Is a divorcee acceptable to God as a deacon?”, “My husband is too controlling! Was our marriage a mistake?”, and “Can God really help improve my marriage?”

Pain and Suffering

Why do bad things happen to good people? We get lots of questions such as this. When you face a tragedy, how can you be sure that God is trustworthy? Questions in this category include “Why doesn’t God protect us from all crises?” and “How do I deal with the pain of losing someone I love.”

Relationship Issues

Without a doubt relationships can be the source of our greatest joys and greatest frustrations. Questions in this category range from “Are Inter-racial relationships right or wrong?” to “I have obnoxious neighbors. What should I do?”

A Few Words About our FAQs:

We believe Jesus Christ is the ultimate Resource and Authority for your life. Lifetime Ministries is honored to be one of the resources available for your encouragement and spiritual growth. Please understand that we are only a resource and not your authority. While we may offer a biblical interpretation relative to your question it is essential that you prayerfully evaluate all Scripture pertinent to your question and if necessary seek trusted counsel from someone who knows you well and understands our identity in Christ. Remember that you are responsible for the decisions you make and the actions you take. If you have a question that hasn’t been addressed here, we’d love to help you.