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Having faith…

It seems there was a man who operated a Christian home for aged men who needed $200.00 (as I recall) by Friday of the week following to save the home. He went to prayer, Oh, God. We need the $200. Please send somebody with the $200. God You know our need. Please…ad infinitum.

A couple of days before the Friday deadline he was standing in his office looking out of his window watching one of his residents picking up some of the pecans which had begun to fall from the trees on the property and eating them. The thought came, I wonder if we could sell any of those pecans? He recruited all the able bodied men, frailed the trees, harvested the nuts and sold them for, you guessed it, $200. Problem solved.

Point: Which came first, the problem or the solution? Hey, God had the squirrels plant those trees forty years before the problem existed! This is one of God’s ways. He never lets us experience a problem but that He’s already provided the answer. And God spells relief J-E-S-U-S. Your role is to praise Him and place your trust in Him, not in your own abilities. When you do this, you could say it boxes Him in to one of two solutions: 1) Remove the problem, 2) Give you so much grace that you don’t care whether He removes it or not. Either way you’re a winner and Jesus Christ’s reputation (Name) is glorified before your family, friends and world through your life…which is what you long for. At least that’s what you told Him.