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How can I conquer my addiction to pornography?

Let me say first that no formula is going to save you from this problem. Freedom comes only from Truth that is accepted, believed and acted upon. This is the simple reality that Jesus stated in John 8:31,32. Let me offer some insight and ideas.

The fundamental problem that the Child of God deals with is a belief system that is seriously messed up. This is also true for the non-believer but he has no choice. His belief system accurately reflects his “dead to God” condition. Paul’s counsel to the believer is to no longer be conformed to the [way of thinking of] this world, but be transformed by the renewing of the mind (Romans 12:2). Growing up in Christ (renewing the mind) is a process. It begins with the acceptance of a few basic truths such as: I’m a sinner in need of a savior. Jesus is the Savior and I accept His substitutionary death for my sins. This is the only truth some believers ever lay hold of. This truth is a long way from living a day to day life of victory. So you continue in prayer and in the Word and more truth becomes evident: Jesus was resurrected. Death is no longer to be feared. I incorporate this into my belief system and a little more victory comes as another fear is laid to rest.

Then I learn about my identification with Christ in His death and resurrection I find that I died to Sin (the Power of Sin) and am not only alive to God but I both rest in His Son and His Son lives and works in and through me. The potential for victory is enormous at this point, but it is only potential until I take a vigorous inventory of my false belief system and methodically replace it with a new one based on truth. For example, it appears you have a false belief that runs like this: I need pornography to ease my body’s natural need to be sexed.

The truth is altogether different. The truth is you are using pornography as an escape mechanism so that you can get some momentary relief from years and years of pain that you received growing up in a dysfunctional home. You received that pain because perhaps you “thought” you deserved it. So you stuffed it inside. With each new insult you stuffed in more until one day the circuit popped. Satan provided a way out. A place where you could lay aside the pain for a time. You hated yourself for it. Got mad at God for allowing the temptation. The Power of Sin attacks you for being a dirty, rotten sinner, you fall under conviction of the Holy Spirit and the bitterness rages on.

More truth: you are forgiven, you are loved and cared for by a loving Father who is not disappointed in you. He is agitated by the behavior, but you are still absolutely acceptable to Him.

More truth: You are by nature and character a forgiving person. The time has come to forgive those who you believe have inflicted pain. Remember forgiveness is for your sake (Isaiah 43:25). Perhaps reconciliation will come some day with these folks, but you need to forgive them now. You cannot heal until you forgive and don’t forget to forgive yourself and God.

More truth: Your body does not “need” to be sexed. It has a biological urge and you have an emotional and intellectual desire, but not a need. It just feels like a need. If this were not so then God would not have insisted that sex await the marriage bed.

More truth: You have a need to please God and express your gratitude to Him for His incredible love directed toward you.

This is the process you continue with the help of the Holy Spirit to renew your mind and thus be transformed in your beliefs and ultimately your actions. Your actions will ultimately be a result of His work in your life (John 6:28,29 and John 15:1-9). Learn from each mistake and participate in God’s maturing and healing of your personality (Philippians 1:6, 2:12,13). God is faithful. Live in dependence upon Him and please don’t allow Satan to cause you to be too hard on yourself.