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How can I tell if I am really, truly saved?

In order to understand characteristics of a person who claims to be a Christian, but is not, it is helpful to clarify how does one know they are in Christ. In fact, the primary focus of the Christian life is upon Christ and what He has done for us.

Many people constantly look to their emotions (“feeler“) as their main indicator of reality. They may be very objective when faced with a task such as working a math problem, never thinking, “Well, I feel like the answer ought to be five today, so it must be true.” However, they throw objectivity out and switch to subjectivity when it comes to inter-personal relationships. “I feel like they don’t like me. I feel I could accept myself if I were just different. I feel like God is fed up with me and ready to kick me out. I feel like I am not saved”, etc. These people have great difficulty accepting facts in personal relationships (including a relationship with God) and instead accept how they feel as being the real truth.

This becomes a deep-seated stronghold. The Bible calls it “flesh;” I call it “feeler flesh.” The power of sin, Satan’s undercover agent within your body (Rom. 7:23), then continues to run this program in your brain, hoping you will submit. I do not mean to say that you can somehow stop getting these thoughts and/or feelings. Nor do you deny that you really feel this way. You simply reject the notion that they are your barometer of reality by which you “live and move and have your being.” We do not live according to the flesh, but according to the spirit. Christ, the Living Word of Truth, is the ultimate reality for new creatures in Christ. Your flesh always craves for something tangible so it can have experiential “proof.” You can simply believe Christ as all the proof you need. Since the Bible says, “From now on we know no man according to the flesh,” we now know reality about anyone by his spiritual identity in Christ. Rain on how you feel. This is the victorious life, which awaits you and is yours for the taking.

Bill deals with the security of the believer in Chapter Ten of his book Lifetime Guarantee. If you have not read it, I would highly suggest it.

Think along these lines for a moment as well, how can you work to retain what you could not work to attain? How can you earn continued acceptance by the Father when you could not earn initial acceptance?

You did not have to perform up to a certain standard to retain your earthly identity as the physical offspring of your dad. Your birth determined your identity. A duck is not a duck because it can quack; you can quack. You can only become a duck by being born a duck.

You were born a sinner. You didn’t do anything to become a sinner. Birth determined your identity as a sinner. When you came to Christ, you died in His crucifixion. You were then re-born in His resurrection and He infused His life into you to replace your old life. You changed spiritual fathers. You used to be Satan’s spirit child (Jn. 8:44); now you are God’s spirit child (Jn. 1:12). You are alive in Christ. You are part of His body. Not only this, but Christ is now your very life. So if He should ever leave you we’d all see it because your body would fall over dead. The “Life” would have departed from it. You couldn’t revert back to your old life because that died in Christ. He is the only life you have!

Answer these questions:

  • Do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God, the only means by which man can be saved, by putting one’s trust in Him and Him alone as the only way into a relationship with God?
  • Do you confess that you have lived your life striving to get your need for love and acceptance satisfied by milking it out of people?
  • Do you confess that you have spent your life striving to get your need for self-acceptance (love) satisfied by various techniques that you have dreamed up?
  • Do you see that your Creator has gone to great lengths to purchase the right to bestow His love and favor upon you by giving His only Son and that in order to appropriate this love and favor you must accept His statements of truth just as you have all your life accepted the statements by the USDA on the label of your canned goods that the contents therein are fit for human consumptionOkay?
  • Do Step 1. Rain on how you feel about any of the above answers.
  • Do Step 2. If you answer “yes” to all of the above, then say this: “God, I believe. If I die right this minute and go to hell, I’ll go to hell believing. I don’t know how to believe any more than I believe. I believe. That settles it!”
  • Do Step 3. Get off your knees and begin to thank Him for saving you. Thank Him for making it so simple. Thank Him for never giving in to your demands for a feeling because when the feeling faded your faith would have faded. Thank Him that your salvation is based upon His promise, His integrity, His love and commitment to you.
  • Do Step 4. Begin to tell people that you are finally saved. (Rain on how you FEEL!) Tell them of your faith in Jesus and what He has accomplished for you.God bless you in your new walk of faith as a secure child of the Father.