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How can I tell if I’m Spirit filled?

The Holy Spirit comes to live in you when you get saved. (Rom. 8:9b) The Temple Holy of Holies where the Holy Spirit dwelled was abandoned at Jesus’ death. That’s why the veil was ripped. God no longer dwells in a building; He dwells in Christians.

The new man in Christ is now the “holy of holies.” That’s why he is a saint (holy one), not a “sinner saved by grace” as religious tradition calls him. God told Moses to remove his shoes because the ground was holy. It is God’s presence which makes anything holy. The ground wasn’t holy the hour before, nor the hour after the episode. Foolish religionists would make a shrine of it if they could locate it, but Moses could’ve set up his outhouse on it with no problem.

As Jesus prophesied, we have been changed from an “old wineskin” to a “new wineskin” with “New Wine” (the Holy Spirit) in us. There is one “getting” of the Holy Spirit, but many “fillings.” You see phrases like, “And Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit…” “And Paul, filled with the Holy Spirit…” in the New Testament several times. Thus, being filled with the Holy Spirit is not a permanent power fix. Certain high-profile charismatics who claim to be Spirit-filled, but whose lives do not demonstrate it are living proof from God to all who have eyes to see that there is a great flaw in their theology. I don’t mean to be critical, but I must state what I believe the Holy Spirit has and is showing me.

Although God launches some believers with a great euphoric experience (often accompanied with the gift of tongues) to show them the reality of the Holy Spirit, He will not let such euphoria be permanent. Tongues, yes, but the emotional high, no; it’s to demonstrate His reality to them and to others. Just which Christians He chooses to give this experience to and which He does not is His business. Folks who use such verses as Lk. 11:13 where Jesus says the Father will give the Holy Spirit to all who ask Him to encourage Christians to plead for the Holy Spirit are misled. They fail to discern that no one had the Holy Spirit except Jesus when He taught that. He was referring to Pentecost when they, too would be given the Holy Spirit by a loving Father.

The Greek in Ephesians 5:18 is literally “be being filled” implying a moment by moment infilling. And it uses the analogy of being drunk to illustrate a person’s being controlled by something within him. When a drunk ceases to take in the alcohol he ceases to be controlled. He’s not “being filled.” It’s the same for the Christian. When you and I cease to walk in a moment by moment setting of the mind that the Holy Spirit (Christ’s Life) is expressing Life through us, we cease to “be being filled.” Do this ten times per day and you cease to be Spirit-filled ten times per day. It’s our choice.