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How can we explain our new nature in Christ to others?

We should share the biblical truth of our true identity in Christ with others, but all will not hear. These things are to be spiritually discerned and we just have to leave that ball in God’s court.

Concerning the nature we Christians now have…. Look up the word in the dictionary. It means, “basic characteristic.” Birds have a flying nature, hogs a mud-wallowing nature, etc. No one has to teach these creatures to perform as they do. They are born with the basic desire to act in that manner.

A sin nature is a basic desire to rebel against Jesus’ right to be one’s God. The job description of a god is he runs things. It is the basic characteristic of a person with a sin nature to be his own god. He steadfastly refuses to let Jesus control. This person deeply desires to run his own life. This summarily computes out to overt adultery, cheating, gluttony, etc.

Many seem to believe the sin nature and the human nature are identical. I do not believe this. A human nature means to possess the basic characteristics of humanness. This means possessing a human body, mind, will, emotions and spirit. There is nothing innately evil about a human nature as Adam was created with one as was Jesus. The problem is with the sin nature, not with the human nature. You and I still retain our human nature, but not the rebellious sin nature. It is not a sin to possess human needs such as the need for significance, food, etc.

Then there is the new nature. We are “partakers of the divine nature” Peter says. A new, godly nature deeply desires to submit to Jesus’ rulership. This is why 1 John says, “The new man cannot sin.” But, of course you and I do sin, so it seems to me we must interpret John as saying that the new man cannot generate/originate rebellious thought against Jesus’ right to reign over us. The power of sin generates it; we sometimes receive it and sometimes carry it out.

One derives his nature from his birth. A hog is not a hog because it “oinks” (performs like a hog), but due to its birth. Let’s face it, you can oink. Birth always determines nature. Birth determined that you were born with both a human nature and a sin nature. When we got saved, the sin nature died and we were reborn with a new nature, a godly one which desires to submit to Jesus’ authority and fellowship with Him, yet we still retained our human nature.

Our human appetites and needs are from God. Who invented sex, God or Satan? God created us with our needs and drives, but we are to “seek Him first” and He promises to supply them. Satan’s game is to tempt us to get these godly needs satisfied by rebelling against Jesus’ authority. That is sin.

Some Christians think that since we are tempted to get a perfectly godly human need such as hunger satisfied through gorging on candy we must still have a sin nature. No, the appetite is okay; that’s from God. It’s the way we seek to satisfy it that is either sinful or spiritual. It was okay for Jesus to be hungry in the wilderness, but Satan tempted Him to satisfy His human need via rebellion. It is not a sin to be tempted. Jesus was.

The Word says that death is the last enemy that is to be conquered, yet most believers accept that this enemy is God’s provision for our ultimate victory by the sin nature’s dying. Not so. Christ’s death and resurrection and His victory over death is where our sin nature died. Our rebirth and His indwelling Life is God’s provision for our victory now, not later.

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