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How do I love someone I don’t even like?

It has been very liberating to me to be able to resist the condemnation that the power of sin serves up to my mind with first person singular pronouns accusing me of not loving (agape) someone whom I do not like.

I don’t like the Ayatollah (sp?), but I love (agape) him. I desire redeeming things to happen to him, i.e. that he could come to know Jesus as I do and be rescued from the deceiver and from himself as I have been, purely by grace. Face it, it’s just the grace of God that you and I were not born in Iran where we would be reared Muslim and now shaking our fists at the USA.

That was, in a manner of speaking, your condition when God took mercy upon you and called you out of the kingdom of darkness which was your life into His life. (Stage whisper) Just between you and me, I doubt the Lord, Himself liked either one of us very much as citizens of His enemy’s kingdom, but He surely did love (agape) us.

So here’s the plan. Say, “Lord, I don’t like this person very much. By that I mean I don’t like the way he acts. But, by Your indwelling life I love him. I hereby offer myself to You to let You do the most redeeming thing You can think of for him through me (that’s agape). I can’t do it, Lord, but You surely can.”

Most of the time this will be things like offering him a cookie, but at times it will be direct confrontation about his performance. I believe the key is your motive, vengeful or agape… Are trying to straighten him out or redeem him to both his (Rom. 8:17) and Christ’s glory?