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How to Stage a Comeback

Everyone loves a good comeback story. In the recent Super Bowl, the New York Giants staged a comeback to defeat the New England Patriots in the waning minutes of the game. The National Football League saw a number of comebacks this past season, even an incredible string of them by the Denver Broncos.

Comebacks come in many shapes and sizes. When I‘m surfing channels or the Internet I often stop at any story resembling a comeback. Speaking of surfing and comebacks, I recently watched the movie Soul Surfer, a truly remarkable comeback story.

Many of us need to stage a personal comeback. Life‘s been tough, really tough. We‘ve fallen behind in some area or another. It could be in our relationships, career, spirituality, health, or a number of areas. We‘ve lost ground due to freak circumstances, a string of poor choices, or both. Life‘s gotten ahead of us.

How do we turn things around? As a lover of comeback stories and as one who‘s staged a few comebacks of my own, I‘ve determined that the following are some keys to staging a successful comeback. They are to be engaged in the context of Christ being the source of your strength.

Get Real. Many people can‘t admit they‘re behind. If there‘s a scoreboard denial is purely delusional. However, in life there‘s no scoreboard, so denial is a reasonable reaction. Success varies depending on your values and context. Staging a comeback requires a genuine assessment of your current situation. Ask yourself a few simple questions. Where am I? What do I truly desire? What‘s working, what‘s not? Be brutally honest. Also, get the perspective of a trusted friend or mentor. Comebacks start with discovering and embracing reality.

Don‘t panic! Panic doesn‘t produce your best performance. Panic causes stiffness and irrational decision-making. Early in World War II, the British government published posters with sayings meant to stave off panic. One saying in particular offers comebackers meaningful encouragement — “Keep calm and carry on.” Those who stage successful comebacks stay cool under pressure. Sure, you‘ll have moments of panic along the way but don‘t let panic, worry, or fear, derail your comeback.

Focus. We live in a culture of mass distraction that expects instant everything. More often than not, comebacks aren‘t instant. The road back can be long and arduous. Expect that. Recognize potential distractions. Re-establish priorities and stay with them. Know what you want and do your best to keep it top of mind.

Get Support. Find others who believe in you and entrust them with your comeback story. Let them help you and trust them to do so. Look for new resources that you haven‘t leveraged thus far. You may need to tweak your approach or even create a whole new game plan to regain and maintain momentum.

Expect grace. Most comebacks include weird and wonderful happenings. We need God‘s grace for a comeback. We need divine guidance and empowerment in us and through us all day, every day. Expect and look for little miracles along the way. Grace lightens your load on the road back.

Play to Win. Remember, comebacks aren‘t just about coming back; they‘re about winning. Think about what it means to win in your situation. What is the ultimate goal? Is it renewed passion and accomplishment in your career? Is it an authentic relationship with God or your spouse? Is it lower cholesterol or a 40 lb. weight loss? Or, is it simply contentment with where you are today? What‘s a win?

If you are breathing (and I assume you are if you‘re reading this) then you can stage a comeback. All of us are terminal…you will eventually die. But until then, you have time to stage a glorious graceful comeback. You are worth it. So, get real, get calm, get focused, get support, expect miracles, and get a win. Now, get going

About the Author

Artie has been communicating God's grace in various contexts over the last fifteen years. His passion is similar to Bill and Anabel's in that he desires to communicate God's grace in a way that makes it easily applicable in everyday life.