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I attend school full time, work part-time, and am a full time mother and wife. How can I make time for God in my life?

You talk about a killer schedule! Full time student, wife, mother, and career woman. Well, I do have a question and maybe some suggestions. Why are you working full time and going to school full time? Is your husband not working? Is he not the main provider for the family income? Are there debts that cannot be amalgamated and paid off a little at a time? Maybe your family needs to cut back on your lifestyle. And maybe you don’t have much of a lifestyle, and that’s why you’re going to school and working.

Let me remind you of something that you no doubt have pondered about a lot. By wearing all of these hats, you are, in all probability, depriving your children of the contentment and peace and refuge that home should bring, depriving your husband of the amenities of being his wife, and are depriving yourself of the same things—contentment, peace, and being fulfilled in your role of wife and mother. Those are the two most honored roles of a woman—even though they are made light of and even ridiculed by some people today.

Perhaps your husband should take the initiative and say, “I’m not going to allow the woman that I chose to be my wife, to protect and cherish and nurture, to live this life of stress. Let’s talk about what we can do.” Your children will learn about love whether they play on a tile floor or a carpeted floor; whether they each have a bathroom, a bedroom, or the promise of an expensive car when they graduate. The most important thing you can give your children is the example of love between husband and wife and the security that love will give to them.

As to time with the Lord? That time can be carved out of a day–not by having the time to sit down and read or pray, but by thinking about the Lord and letting Him be a part of every thought, every decision, every action. Include Him in everything you do—consciously. As for how to know when the Lord is talking to you? Acknowledge His leading in every thing. You get to work safely, “Thank You, Lord, for the safety.” You remember some item that isn’t on your grocery list and find that you really needed it for supper, “Thank You, Lord for telling me about that.” Simple things. Talk to Him and then be quiet and sort out the thoughts that fill your mind after that talk. It is, as Brother Lawrence calls it, “Practicing the Presence of God” and it does take practice. Oh, He is talking, we just don’t know how to listen! Hope these thoughts will help and that you won’t be irritated with me for the bluntness–this is longer than I should have made it!

Lovingly, Anabel Gillham