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I forgave someone, but I still feel hurt. Did I really forgive them?

The condition of your feeler is never the primary barometer of your spiritual condition. It can’t be because your feeler can’t even think! Feeler’s function is to enhance life on earth, but this can backfire when feeler is lying to you. This is the case with you in that you forgave via your mind and will, but your feeler is very slow to get the message. Therefore feeler is lying to you. Let that be God’s problem, not yours. We know that you are not responsible for keeping feeler under control because Jesus could not do that either. His earthsuit “sweat great drops of blood” because His feeler was so bent out of shape. He could not control this and neither can you. The game is played in your mind and will. Feeler is cast in a walk on bit part. :)I suggest you read my book “LifetimeĀ Guarantee” which has a whole chapter dedicated to the feeler and how it operates.