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I get strong romantic feelings when I email a friend of mine. Even though our emails are no longer steamy (but still friendly), should I continue to email him?

Run, don’t walk to the nearest exit, please! Gently, politely, but firmly tell the man that you cannot continue writing. I can’t give you the words to say, but what seems very innocent now could become a tragic, tragic chapter in your life.

James tells us to “flee” from evil and even though you say it’s okay now, the residue of the “steamy” start is there, and if communicating with him brings you comfort, then you are allowing someone to replace what your husband should be doing. Maybe your husband isn’t coming through like you would want him to, but this is a very dangerous game you’re playing. We as women need the attention, the pleasure, being special to someone, so many things! And you are loving this “friendly”, fun, interesting repartee. I understand.

Remember, Christ in you will enable you to break this tie–let Him do it, then refuse thoughts that cause you to wonder if you did the right thing. You know you will be doing the right thing—you knew as you were writing the email note what was right and what was wrong. The thoughts of getting out of the email connection are from God. He is trying to warn you. The thoughts of how empty life would be without this connection, of giving up this friend who makes you feel special—those thoughts are opposite from the thoughts that God is giving you, so where are they coming from? Think. Think. Don’t let your feelings control you—they can’t think! They just feel! I pray for you right now, that you will allow Christ in you to take you off this time bomb!

Lovingly, Anabel