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I smoke cigarettes, feel so guilty, and can’t seem to quit. Can you help?

My books “Lifetime Guarantee” and “What God Wishes Christians Knew About Christianity” are available on our Web Site. They will reveal the key to victory for you.
Caution: Satan will accuse you in your mind about the smoking bit. Give this problem to Jesus. (Read Chapter 8 of Anabel Gillham’s book “The Confident Woman” to learn how to give your burden to God and leave it in His court.) Smoking is a physical addiction, as you know, and your body cries out for its fulfilling sensation. Jesus will let you know when it’s time to lay them aside. Each time you light up, respectfully remind Him that you trust Him to take away the appetite. He’ll do it in His time. Meanwhile, when the devil’s accusations come to you, tell him to “Go to hell where he belongs,” and that if he has problems with you go tell ’em to Jesus. :)