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I tend to be overcommitted. How do I keep from doing more than God would want me to do?

Jesus, Who is our life, often split to the mountains when things became pressing. Also, He healed only one crippled man out of the apparent mob at the pool. Why? Why didn’t He take on every problem He encountered? Could it be that He wanted to set a proper pace for folks like you, Patti, who feel guilty at saying, “No,” when asked to do one more job than she has the energy to tackle?

Jesus will express the same lifestyle through you that He lived through His own earthsuit. So, I encourage you to read the gospels through slowly and this time don’t concentrate so much on what Jesus taught, but on how He spent His time… How He lived. We never see Him with His Daytimer crammed and wearing two watches. He spent a lot of time alone, especially alone with His Dad.