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If God is so good, why does he allow my son to have brain cancer? I don’t understand.

Oh, my dear, dear sister in Christ. What can I say? Who has wisdom to offer for such a time as this? Only Jesus, because believe it or not, His sufferings were more intense than anything we can experience. Although I’ve been through some very tough sledding myself, it seems pale when compared to what you describe. All I can do is tell you how I handled mine according to the Bible by printing an excerpt from my book What God Wishes Christians Knew About Christianity below. Please don’t think that this is said in a casual manner. Frankly, it’s very difficult for me to share it with you, but this seems to me to be what I am to share, so here goes.

A barometer of your relationship with God is whether or not you murmur or perhaps even rail at God if things don’t go your way. By so doing, you are witnessing before men and angels that God does not merit your consistent loyalty and love. Although the angels constantly proclaim His worthiness, you are naively implying that God is not worthy to hold down His job. You imply that, given the chance, you could do a better job of running your section of the universe than He is doing, that you should have the right to be in control of your circumstances.Dear one, the only way you can demonstrate that you love God just for who He is is to consistently praise Him, regardless of how your feeler votes, even when bad things happen to you—things that you don’t believe you deserve. “Always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God” (Ephesians 5:20). “In everything give thanks; for this is God ‘s will for you” (1 Thessalonians 5:18)—for all things and in all things.

Look at it this way: Earth is the last chance you’ll ever have to suffer. Earth is the closest thing to hell you and I will experience, but the closest thing to heaven the lost man will experience. Don’t blow it. It’s an important part of your spirityual development. Although we can’t always explain or know all of the whys or even the questions, we know without question that God will use all of our circumstances to conform us to the image of Jesus (Rom. 8: 28-29). (That’s the only way Rom. 8: 28 makes sense. It should never be read apart from verse 29.)

What could be more motivating than to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that

God, who cannot lie, has stated unequivocally that His beneficent, altruistic, gracious purpose is to take the circumstances of your life, the good, along with the bad, and use every one of these to accomplish the most glorious agape action on your behalf imaginable: fashion you into the image of Jesus Christ, the blessed One, the anointed One, the chosen One, the Lamb of God, the beloved Bridegroom, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the first-born from the dead, the One who is high and lifted up, the One to whom all authority in heaven and earth has been given?

God wishes we knew why He allows Christians to suffer. I do not appeal to your emotions on His behalf, but to your intellect. Will you allow something (emotions) to control you that can’t even think? Your mind and your will are the key players here; God has cast your feeler in the “walk on” bit part. Although never denying how you feel, faith (seated in the mind and brought on-line by the will) must practice, practice, practice dominating feeler, denying its insistence upon usurping the starring role. God is conforming us to Christ’s image. We have ample cause to lift consistent praises to Him, even through times of suffering. And remember, by understanding that the true definition of a hypocrite is “pretending to be something you are not,” you can know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are acting like who you are, not faking it, when you praise Him with sincerity, even though your emotions vote against it.

My dear sister, I do not intend to wound you. I love you. Better than this, Jesus loves you intensely.