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If I (a Believer) continue to practice a lifestyle of homosexuality is my salvation certain?

I’ve yet to counsel someone who is into homosexuality who tells me he is driven by the sex drive. No, he/she is seeking love (acceptance) from the same gender. Certain people find sexual stimulation and sexual satisfaction from the same gender for various reasons, but the main one is acceptance/love from the same gender. (My book Lifetime Guarantee elaborates on the powerful dynamic of our need to be loved.) I believe the major motive that sets up homosexual people for attraction to same-gender folks is their real or perceived rejection or inferiority by/to same-gender people.All of us devise various hoops to jump through in order to satisfy our need for love. These include: perfectionism, workaholic, name-dropping, performance-based acceptance, fitness freaks, attraction to the intelligencia, macho or bimbo hang-ups, flirtatiousness, heterosexual promiscuity, homosexuality, ad infinitum.

Upon salvation, the new creature in Christ will be severely tempted to continue to get his/her need for love supplied by practicing the same-ol-same-ol. The Bible calls this “walking after or according to the flesh.” The truth of the gospel that sets us free from the tyranny of our own flesh is two-fold: the unconditional love of our Creator through Jesus and trusting Christ to express His life through us. This includes the Believer who is allowing homosexual flesh to control him/her.

I realize that this leaves many questions unanswered, but our books, tapes and videos explain how to appropriate the truth that sets us free in great detail.