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If my life is now connected with Christ, why do I still have impure thoughts?

Oh, I know exactly why you experience such lying thoughts. These thoughts are not your own. They are not being generated in YOUR mind. They are being RECEIVED by your mind. God says in Rom. 7:23, “I see a different law in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind, and making me a prisoner of the law of sin which is in my members.” OK, this “law of sin” which wages war against your mind…how does this law/power called sin wage this war? What kind of bombs, missiles, bullets does sin use? Answer: Sin uses words, thoughts, images. How does sin use these? Sin must have the capability of launching them into your mind which, for the saved, God says is “the mind of Christ” (1 Cor. 2:16, NAS). Your new mind is Christlike! Stop and think, how many does it take to have a war—minimum? Two. Which side does the law of sin fight for? The devil’s. Therefore, which side is your mind on? GOD’S! Your mind-of-Christ HAS to be on God’s side or there would be no war! Do you see this?

This still leaves one crucial secret weapon that sin has that we need to unmask in order to plan our defense against sin’s thoughts. How can sin insert these thoughts into our minds in such a manner that we accept them? Answer: Sin sends such thoughts into your mind-of-Christ using first-person-singular pronouns–I/me/my/myself/etc.! Here’s how it works:The thought will come, “I don’t love this person. Why am I doing this? Who do I think I’m kidding?” Those are not YOURS! They are designed to block you or bug you or intimidate you into stopping ministering! Examine yourself. You actually long to help a sister or a brother, right? The problem is that when you begin to follow through, the accusing thoughts begin. This warring power does not hit your mind with such accusations using a mid-eastern language like Bin Laden. You’d recognize that as a foreign entity immediately and reject the thoughts. So sin uses a thought strategy that he hopes will fool you into receiving his thoughts. He makes them seem like you own. Once you receive them, THEY BECOME YOUR OWN. But, when they come if you’ll say, “Oh, rain on you! Bug off!” and go ahead ministering to the hurting saint, you’ll experience victory over such thoughts. You’ll never be able to stop them, just ignore them.

Consider getting a copy of What God wishes Christians Knew About Christianity to study more about this truth. This and many other truths in the book will put you on the fast track to victory.