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I’m a melancholy temperament and I forever struggle with one addiction turning into another. How can I put a end to this madness?

The dividing line between what the world calls temperament and what the Bible calls flesh is sometimes very blurred. When this happens I believe we must go with the Bible. Since you say that you are having a struggle with trusting Christ to override your behavioral problems to such an extent that you are overwhelmed, it sounds like a flesh problem. How can I reach this conclusion? It’s because to reach the opposite conclusion is to say that your problem is so unique that Christ cannot overcome it for you and that simply won’t wash.

My suggestion is that you choose to keep on beginning again and again and again, a gazillion times. This is the same option the rest of us have to battle. Sin “says” to your mind, “But, that’s so hard!” No, consider the alternative. The Bible says, “The WORKS of the flesh are…but the FRUIT of the Spirit is…” To give in to the flesh is to choose the hard-work option. You are miserable when you live with consistently giving in to the flesh. You choose to live with low self-respect. Although choosing to trust Christ as Life through you is a struggle, this is the “easier” of your two options.

Think: “Thank You, Lord, that I don’t have to live in victory. That’s Your job. You will do it all FOR me.” Then choose to put one foot ahead of the other and move right into the problem, believing that Christ is in you, doing it through you.