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I’m a Quitter


I quit. Yep I’m a quitter. Today I became a quitter after reading, thinking & praying about Romans  5:1. Romans 5:1 (ESV)  says this…Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Here’s my personalized version… Because, I have been justified by my faith in Jesus, I have peace with God through my Lord Jesus Christ.

This verse is packed with nuggets of truth that have made me decide to become a quitter. Let me explain. Here’s what the verse says…

I am justified. The case against me in Gods courtroom had been closed. Jesus has taken my punishment himself and removed my condemnation. All my sins – past, present and future have been assigned to Christ. I am free. I owe God nothing but praise and adoration. I have to do no community service, time in prison or pay a fine. Jesus paid it all for me.

The means of my justification is faith. My works, good behavior, right doctrine, church history, baptism, or no other action made me right with God. It was through faith alone that i am justified with God. It is by trusting in the works of Jesus that I have been made right with God.

The focus of my faith is in the work of Jesus. The focus of my faith is not the church, the Bible or my experiences. Justification is through faith in Christ alone. I am made right with God by trusting in Christ’s completed work for me on the cross. My devotion to my church, the scripture or worship does not make me right with God. My devotion to do good, share Jesus with others or help the needy does not supplant my need for the work of Christ on the cross for me. There are many peripheral issues that are involved with my Christian faith but Jesus is the central focus and the author, sustainer and finisher of my faith.

The outcome of my faith is peace with God. I have peace with God through my faith in the completed work of Jesus’ death on the cross. The sweetest words to my soul are, “I have peace with God.” Every heart longs for peace.  Some look for it within. Some look outside themselves. Some try to earn it. Some look for it in power, popularity and pleasures.  There is only one way to have peace. You receive it freely through faith in Jesus. Peace with God leads to peace in life.  To have peace with God means he is satisfied with me. I can not earn or lose his favor. There is nothing else I have to do earn his love or be accepted. He looks at me with a smile and with pleasure as a loving Father looks proudly at his son. To fully grasp and rest in what it means to have peace with God is to experience true everlasting peace.

The sustainer of my peace is Jesus. Jesus gave me peace with God and he keeps me at peace with God. My peace with God isn’t determined by my daily actions. It isn’t affected by my successes or failures. It rests solely in the completed work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Faith in Christ’s completed work for me on the cross is my only hope and peace. I do not need to wonder daily whether or not I have peace with God. It is mine forever. It can not be taken from me or lost because Jesus’ work on the cross was complete. When he said it is finished he meant it for me. He began this work in me and he will complete it.

Because I have peace with God I can Be a “Quitter.” 

  1. I can Quit Wondering if God is pleased with me.
  2. I can Quit Doubting his love and acceptance of me.
  3. I can Quit Searching for something else to satisfy me.
  4. I can Quit Trying to earn more of his love.
  5. I can Quit Rejecting his favor toward me.
  6. I can Quit Evaluating my situations on whether or not I think God is mad or happy with me.
  7. I can Quit Punishing myself when I sin.
  8. I can Quit Holding Back my worship and prayers.
  9. I can Quit Measuring myself against a strict set of rules.
  10. I can Quit Comparing myself to others.

I am a Quitter because I have peace with God. Be a quitter with me.

Randall Popham

About the Author

Randall has ministered in churches since 1995 and currently serves as the Lead Pastor of Lanier Hills Church in Gainesville, GA, a multi-campus church that emphasizes God’s grace and freedom. The church’s motto is “The Perfect Church for People Who Aren’t.” Randall is also an artist with paintings in collections through out the South Eastern United States. Randall’s calling is to help people break down religious and cultural roadblocks to following Christ by creatively sharing the truth of God’s Word through teaching, writing and mentoring. Randall has been married to Dana since 1994 and they have four children. While also serving the church Randall is also heavily involved in the lives of his children serving as a Basketball, Baseball and Football Coach.