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In what detail should we ask to be forgiven?

I believe, from listening to many Bible teachers and the oral prayers of the brethren, that many have never clearly discerned what the Word says about our total forgiveness. They seem to hang their hats on one verse of Scripture, 1 Jn. 1:9 and falsely believe we must ask God over and over again for His forgiveness each time we sin. Not so! He has forgiven born-again people of all sins, once and for all time through the death of Jesus. You are forgiven of all sins the first time you repent and turn to Jesus; it’s just that you have failed to see it from God’s viewpoint and still embrace man’s conclusions. Each time you sin, you are to “confess it” (means “agree with God that you blew it“), accept the fact that you are forgiven and start walking “in the Spirit” again.