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Lies We Believe

I was watching television the other day when a talk show host promoted a new weight loss technology. She claims to have gotten outstanding results from a machine that radiates heat while hovering over a person’s midsection. Apparently, all that is required to lose unwanted pounds is the ability to lie on a table and allow the heat to melt the fat away.

Lies we believe.

We ought not believe something that is so obviously false, yet marketers make such appealing promises that we lose all reason and find ourselves buying the lie. We do it everyday, don’t we?

We believe we’ll be happier with one more outfit or a better car. We believe we’ll be better off with the next promotion or a different spouse. We buy the lie that if God really loved us, He would change our situation.

Ever been there?

The TRUTH is satan deceives with lies that cause us to want more than we have and to doubt God’s provision for us – as if God is purposefully withholding good things from us. Just as he tricked Eve in the Garden of Eden, he tries to manipulate us with clever promises that twist God’s truth. We fall for it far too often.


Why do we become so easily entangled in the allure of satan’s tricks? How can we overcome the lies satan seductively whispers in our ear?


I knew when I watched that talk show host demonstrate the weight loss machine that it was a farce because I knew the truth: weight loss only comes from a healthy diet and exercise. There is no shortcut.

The same is true in our spiritual lives. If we want to overcome the lies our enemy uses to trip us up, we must know the truth: God’s Word.

When we know Scripture, we know how God relates to His people. We know how God works. We know the depth of God’s love for humanity. We know God’s expectations of us. We know how to best live our lives.

Most importantly, when we know Scripture, we can clearly identify when satan tries to offer what only God can deliver.

We could all avoid needless pitfalls in our lives if we knew the Truth so well that we could laugh in the face of a tempting lie. Dust off your bible and crack it open. Read it. Start small….maybe a chapter each day. Write down the the truths you learn about God and His love for us. Getting to know the Truth isn’t an overwhelming project; it’s a daily adventure.

We don’t have to fall victim to the lies satan cunningly whispers. God has given us a weapon to defend ourselves: His word. We can know the Truth, and the Truth can set us free.

Tricia Lovejoy

About the Author

Tricia Lovejoy is married to Shawn Lovejoy, author of The Measure of Our Success and Lead Pastor of Mountain Lake Church. She leads the women of her church in an environment called Girlfriends, and she mentors Pastors’ wives across the country. Together, she and her husband lead out in ministry and life. They have 3 children. You can connect with Tricia at http://SharpenHer.com or http://MountainLake.tv or http://flourish.me.