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Life is hard and heaven sounds nice. So why does God keep me here?

Good questions! You’ll recall that when climbers try to conquer Mt. Everest, they do it camping spot by camping spot. They’re called “base camps.” Well, you have reached Christian maturity base camp numero uno. God matures us by letting our chariot wheels bog down. The more we try to chuck the wheels to operate with the same-o-same-o, the more sand He allows to blow under them. :) As this process takes its toll on us, our appetite for a solution increases till it becomes an obsession. You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. The reason that’s good is because it’s a necessary plateau that God wants every Believer to reach.

Earth is soooo much more than get up, go to work, come home, fix supper, get the kids in bed, go to sleep so you can get up…ad infinitum. It’s a place where we have the glorious opportunity to get to know God intimately. A place where we are to experience the exciting, fulfilling glory of spending intimate, one-on-one time with our Fiance, Jesus, as we make our wedding plans together. We also have the amazing life mission of sharing this good news with others who have not yet begun a relationship with God. No, God does not leave us hereĀ just to sit and wait longingly for the day when we’ll walk the streets of gold. He wants us to get involved in what he is doing…getting people connected to him.

If you are bogged down in base camp one, you need to stuff some things in your backpack and prepare to float on up the trail. Get Anabel Gillham’s book TheĀ Confident Woman, along with my books, Lifetime Guarantee, and What God Wishes Christians Knew About Christianity. They contain truth that’s based solidly on the Bible you love, but many pilgrims don’t seem to know about it.

As you read them, stay open. CHOOSE to stay open. The antidote for your frustration is clearly mapped out for you in them.